The mindset of eating well


Hey guys! Question for you! Do you think I spend 2 hours at Whole Foods wandering the aisles, making up recipes or just scoping out new products? 

Do you know that one of the main things I hear from people is that it's easy for me to be healthy because I don't have to work at a job away from home all day, or feed a whole family. And while it's true I work from home (or anywhere), that doesn't mean I spend a couple hours every meal on prepping, cooking and cleanup! Actually I hate cleaning up, sometimes I don't do my dishes every night. I know I know...

Why am I talking about this today? Because what I want more than anything is for people to know how to manage eating healthy in an easy way. I know that the playing field isn't fair when you walk into the world and think about the convenience factor. 

Fast Food restaurants are everywhere. Vending machines in the office (and schools!) have candy, chips, and soda. Most of the grocery store is filled with packaged/processed foods with artificial ingredients. But if you know where to look, what to look for and just the fewest simple tricks, you can be healthier, even if it's just one level up from where you are now, it's just something to learn if you want to eat healthy which means your body is healthy.

Check out my vlog below and I'll tell you what three things you need in order to manage this!




Let me know your biggest challenges to eating/cooking/being healthy and I'd love to give you any ideas that would fit into your lifestyle! It really does matter!