The perfect alkaline ENERGY drink

When you look at this you might think why would I want to drink an Energy drink? I don't drink Red Bull or Monster or any of those things anyhow. But, maybe you do drink coffee?? tea?? soda?? I know you all do - don't lie :) This product is way more than just a replacement for any of these things. First of all, coffee, tea, and soda are all acidic and that will contribute to mineral deficiencies. Energy is alkaline and full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Did you know that if you drink one 12 ounce soda it would take 9 glasses of alkaline water at a pH of 9.5 just to neutralize that one drink? Soda and coffee have acidity levels of 2.5-3 so imagine what is happening inside your body by drinking multiple cups, especially if you don't drink alkaline water.

Energy contains natural sources of caffeine and actually uses lipotropics including L-carnitine and choline to go to your stored fat in the liver and create energy from that. Stored fat is really from excess calories of food that you have consumed so rather than taking in a supplemental form of caffeine, which would be acidic, you can draw out what you already have stored. Energy is another word for calories or fuel so it makes complete sense that we can draw upon what we eat. It also contains essential amino acids including L-tyrosine and taurine which help convert carbohydrates in the blood into energy. One of the other minerals includes Copper - so not only is copper excellent for heart health but it  will also stop hair from graying? True.

Do you know anyone who is vegetarian or has low iron? Often times you will hear about people going to the doctor to get a vitamin B12 shot if they are anemic or have low iron or low energy. That's because they typically are low in this particular vitamin. Most of the B12 in our diet comes from animal sources so if you don't eat those products you may be more likely to be low. Energy contains 567% of the B12 you need daily. Don't worry - b vitamins are water soluble so if you don't need that much, it will just be excreted. However simply drinking this is like B12 going straight into your bloodstream. And the beauty of this is that each time you drink it, the effect is compounded, meaning that you will gain more natural energy and your body's ability to create and draw upon your own energy is improved. So after three days of taking this you will be better than the first and after 60 days even stronger. 

There is an adrenal blend in Energy that goes straight to help your adrenal glands improve functionality. We all have stress in our lives, and when you have a stressful event, it can be short-lived causing the body to go into fight or flight mode, or it can be chronic. Your adrenal glands create adrenaline, so when you have a quick scare, that rise in adrenaline is short-lived. However if you are under chronic stress, you are living with constantly elevated adrenaline which wears down your adrenals and leads to adrenal fatigue and low energy. This is why this product is so great, it's not just a fun thing to drink, there is a certain purpose and it feeds vitamins and minerals into you. 

Bonus: this is safe for children. Depending on their weight you will give them a half scoop to start. In our world today of ADD/ADHD diagnoses all over, this is the best thing you can give your children who may need a little help focusing. I've copied below a few testimonies of parents and children who have gotten off medication using this product. Typically it works well by also supplementing with GoYin which is our balancer - to help balance pH and hormones. See how these pair so well together? Energy is alkaline and restores adrenal function which create adrenaline - a hormone. 

My own sister takes this and she is pregnant and says it makes all the difference for her. Now that is a safe product. You will notice the effect of drinking this and you should drink it up all right away versus sipping on it. If you don't somehow feel a difference that is a sign that you need to detox because there is no way that these real nutrients don't do anything inside your body.


Check out these testimonies and let me know what you use for energy and focus during your day - I personally use this before I work out and sometimes mix it with E2 (more on that later!) 


Candy - I give my 10 y.o. 1 oz. GoYin and 1/2 Energy every morning and 1/2 Energy after lunch. We were able to stop her meds and she couldn't tell a difference. We also started adding Mila. I watched a pediatric documentary about ADD/ADHD and how it was related to low Omega-3 levels and Mila is amazing in Omega-3s.

Julie - My now 12 year old son has every morning a scoop of E2, Hydration and Energy before his breakfast no matter what the day holds for him (testing, etc). When testing and projects are taking place I will then add in the following: After he eats I give him half ounce Daily Build, 1 oz. GoYin and 1 oz. Mangosteen. At night a tsp of sulfur in 4 oz of water with a shot of alkaline water, Coral Calcium and 1 Moomiyo edge for a calming effect. This routine has allowed him to no longer require an anti-depressant, short term or long term ADD meds.

Chelsea - My son went from two hours of tears every night doing homework to getting it done in 10 minutes after starting GP in 4th grade. We do Core, Energy and E2 before school and probiotic. It's been a life changer for him.