Introducing New Healthy Food Fast!

This is the answer to prayers! Now you can have instant access to the food you want anytime and anywhere you go! I have been waiting for the day when I had something I wanted to consume - to eat or drink in a pinch, that was up to par with what I would make if I were at home.

It is not easy to eat out in the world today. Walk into a gas station and this is what you see. I literally cannot think of one thing that is acceptable.

Drive down the road and you will see a row of restaurants but the convenience of fast preparation does not equal adequate nutrition. So what was a girl to do? Well, spend a lot of time and thought and money on preparing everything I needed to feed myself and pack it with me. I always have a tin of almonds in my bag, green juice, raw veggies, a select bar or two that is clean and pure enough to eat.

I dream of the day when health rules easily over convenience. The day when we depend on seeing and having access to food that is free of preservatives and chemicals and sugar.

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It's SO important to know where your food comes from and what's in it!

Today we are one step closer, because although this is not available as you drive down the street today. It IS available by the click of the computer! And now all you have to do is grab it and go!

This is going to change a lot for me and my family. I will be sending these to work with my husband. He eats out every day!! He doesn't have a kitchen at work and isn't into packing a lunch :) So when he doesn't have a meeting all he needs is this and I am so happy to know he is getting pure nutrition with ease.

I will take these EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRAVEL. They will go through airport security and certainly in the car.  So what's in this marvelous little pack? A ton of nutrition!

PURE Soup Mix

The perfect option to help you stay full throughout your day. Whether for lunch or dinner, you’ll enjoy our fiber and protein-rich split pea PURE Soup Mix. Nutrition info: 220 calories per serving; Total fat: 1gm; Fiber: 16 gm; Protein: 16 gm

PURE Vegan Shake

Shake it up with flavor! Our PURE Vegan Shake is a convenient, on-the-go option, great for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. Just add water, almond, or coconut milk for a tasty meal any time of day. Includes plant-based protein, naturally-sourced caffeine, cinnamon, maca root, and rhodiola. This product is soy, dairy, and gluten-free. Nutrition info: Calories: 95 per serving; Total fat: 1 gm; Protein: 15 gm

Pro Mila Bites

Get that extra boost and satisfy your hunger with our Pro Mila Bites. Discover a healthy treat bursting with flavorful fruits, raw coconut, organic seeds, and nuts. Contains no additives or preservatives, and includes an abundant source of protein. Nutrition info: 140 calories per bar; Total Fat: 8 gm; Fiber: 3 gm; Protein: 10 gm

PURE Trail Mix

Indulge yourself any time of day with PURE Trail Mix. Enjoy this sweet and savory treat filled with powerful flavors of almonds, cacoa nibs, goji berries, maqui berries, and Himalayan sea salt. 140 calories per serving; Total fat: 10 gm; Fiber: 4 gm; Protein: 3 gm

Want to see the nutrition comparison to a typical fast food meal? Check it out here!

You can order these meals yourself today - they were just released for purchase yesterday and I ordered two packs right away. Here are the details:

They come in packs of 10 - $99.90 for one whole pack (Members price!) did a recent study on how much people spend on lunch every day:

The national average Americans pay for lunch eating out is $11.40 (Men spend about $21 and women $14) 

This means that my husband and I would save $11 per meal he eats out totaling $55 per week and $2,860 per year

WOW! Let alone getting in so much nutrition, and honestly these meals are big. I could eat off it for more than one meal. 

Today I finally got my first package delivered to my doorstep so I tried everything and it is SO DELICIOUS!


These kits are brand new and may have a delay due to high demand. If you are interested in ordering them, make an appointment to either come in to talk with me about it, or set up a phone appointment. I'll show you how you can get them at the price above! Call my office at 515.226.3468 or email my office assistant at: I am taking appointments starting tomorrow, Monday July 7th!