The simplest celery SOUP!

celery soup.JPG

Here’s the latest creative recipe that came out of me being on my 10 day cleanse!

I have been feeling ‘hungry’ even though I’m not, for something warm and soothing, and the ‘rules’ say you can have unlimited celery and cucumbers, but I didn’t FEEL like eating raw celery anymore. I also want to say rules that programs create when it comes to cleanses or just health programs specific with food need to looked at from a well rounded perspective. Meaning you understand what ALL foods do in the body and therefore why or why not they are recommended during the program.

For example, in my Trust Your Gut course, based on healing the gut when things have been off and inflamed and bloated etc there are certain foods I teach my clients to consume in a very specific way so that they can focus on healing all that needs to be healed digestively before moving on to ANY other health or body goals, because you HAVE to if you have gut issues. It’s the first place food hits and if it’s not going well, then looking beyond that is silly.

So when I read celery and cucumbers are FREE foods, I laughed because sure they are highly made of water and also though, they are highly ACTIVE and very cleansing foods and also both do very well for helping with digestion as well. Whenever you do a cleanse, you are essentially also focusing on the gut, because cleansing and detoxing are amped up by the body’s own systems of doing so when you GET OUT OF THE WAY and let things be easy with how you eat.

Cucumbers are also super hydrating which makes them a really good FREE food because you need more water to flush the toxins you are digging up and out.

I’ve added in romaine lettuce and spinach as free foods too because I don’t get why in the heck they wouldn’t be, they are literally dark greens and so powerful and not going to hurt my progress at all.

I’m on DAY 4 of the official 10 days and DAY 8 when you count my ease in phase. I’m not really hungry because I can still eat real food and have my smoothies which are FULL of amazing food ingredients but it’s just that feeling, you know if you’ve ever done a cleanse, where you just WANT something different. Something else. Like a grass fed burger and fries or at least zucchini pasta :)

So I decided to get creative with my cooking and use my free celery to make soup, because it’s warm, it’s filling, it’s actually creamy even without other foods and YUM I love it already. Here’s what I did:


  • 2 bundles organic celery, chopped

  • Avocado oil spray

  • Romaine lettuce

  • Organic garlic powder

  • Organic ginger powder

  • Pink himalayan sea salt

  • Vegetable broth (low sodium)


  1. Wash and chop celery, heat up a deep dish saute pan to medium heat.

  2. Spray pan with avocado oil spray (NOTE: this program allows some oil during the process and I hardly used any using my spray bottle, also if you’ve never done a cleanse, FAT is low or almost all the way eliminated to boost both digestion and liver flushing)

  3. Add the celery, season with salt, garlic and ginger, stir frequently.

  4. Once celery is softened down some from heat, add some water to the pan, enough to cover the bottom and allow the celery to simmer in, turn the heat up to high and let cook for about 5 more minutes (you can also cover with the lid slightly open if you want to keep the heat in better)

  5. Turn of heat, move pan to another burner

  6. The first time I made this, I also add in some romaine lettuce, but it works fine without too.

  7. Let cool slightly, then transfer all contents of pan to a Vitamix, add in vegetable broth, I used about half a large container, but add as much as you like. Blend until pureed through, taste and add more seasonings as you desire.

  8. Pour into a bowl/cup and serve.

OK! So as soon as I’m done with this cleanse I’m totally making this several different ways with more ingredients to see if I can make it taste even better - I know I will :)

Try this if you want another method to get more celery into your body, whether to help your digestion, or just try something really light and healthy!

Jodi :)