There are no rules

There ARE NO RULES when it comes to food.

It IS what you make it to be.

And then there is what it does in you, for you and to you. And then you choose.

Something that came up today to in a conversation led me to understand this idea that you can mess this up, or you can do it wrong with food, or you have to fear getting sick or a disease IF you don’t do it right.

And that is NOT how food works.

It’s not an enemy, or to be feared, it’s simple a resource for you and a friend to help you thrive here and live in your best healthiest body and therefore your healthiest self.

If you can foundationally understand your job is to eat more plants, THAT is a huge deal in your body and for your health.

Wherever you are at right now, can you shift a little bit more towards more plants? Towards more veggies and fruits?

Today in Day 1 of the plant based eating challenge I was talking about Detaching from Dinner. The ideas about what dinner needs to be, or should be, like what you eat, or when or if everyone even eats together. Life is different than 20+ years ago and so is what we know about food.

I want you to think about how you were raised with food, and what THOSE rules were. And rules were really just how your family or culture did things, so you think it’s normal, or the way it is, but that’s only the way it WAS for you tHEN and now you get to decide.

Detach from the idea that dinner has to be hard, anxiety causing, take a long time, everyone has to eat the EXACT same thing, sit down, not spill and be happy about it! yikes!

Let me tell you what it was like for us growing up. Dinner around 6 or 6:30pm. Everyone was there, mom, dad sisters, me. Usually meat, starch, veggies, and dessert. Water or milk to drink.

Things like spaghetti, meatloaf, ghoulash, hamburger casserole (homemade), burgers, chicken, pork, veggies like corn, peas, carrots, green beans, and then potatoes or something like that.

Now, that all seems really protein heavy, REALLY red meat heavy and really lacking in plants and color. But it’s OK, it’s just now you choose something lighter and more energetically a match to health with ease.

So -

Lighten the load, use less red meat, eat more greens, have dinners that are all veggies, more meatless mondays on days that aren’t just mondays - right?

If your job is to just eat more plants at all the meals, try looking at dinners like this:

  • Can you add leafy greens to your pasta dishes?

  • Can you swap out your regular noodles for plant noodles (check out video below)

  • Add a salad to whatever you’re serving

  • Add peppers, peas, carrots, or broccoli to your pasta dishes

  • Upgrade from rice or other grains to cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, broccoli slaw or shredded cabbages as a base instead the brown grains

  • Let dinner look however it needs to - it doesn’t have to be a protein, a starch and a veggie

    • You CAN eat different things

    • You CAN simply snack on roasted veggies

    • You CAN have a smoothie for dinner

    • You can buy organic soup and add some more fresh greens or veggie broth to make it a little more dense (and add a cooked protein if you want)

    • You can eat fruit

    • You can eat at 5:30pm or 7pm (depends how it makes you feel)

Where can you most improve your dinner situation even as soon as tonight?

Watch video 1 from today - it’s in Food Rebels just join the group if you aren’t in it already to watch!

And then I made another video on You Tube with my top swap outs for PLANT pastas and PLANT wraps instead of the ‘regular’ traditional foods that take up space on dinner plates.

This is really simple.
More plants. Less other stuff.

Everyday focus on taking out all the fake foods, and then lightening the load with all the rest of the whole foods. Move towards the colorful ones, the lighter energy ones because THAT’s the diet your body wants and needs.

If you haven’t signed up for the challenge, do that here now,

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I’d love to know what your typical dinners look like, if you love them or not, and how I can help you make them healthier, lighter and more healing for you!

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