Trust yourself and trust your food

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The more you TRUST food, the less RULES you have to have.

You actually don't need any rules.

The way you are meant to eat is simply intuitive. But that means you also need to know that fake foods don't do anything for you and you simply are meant to eat a whole foods based diet.

Whenever my mind tells me I 'shouldn't eat that, or I 'better' workout longer, or I 'have to' eat this instead of that...that's when I know it's a lie, and it's an old rule instead of what's actually real.

Even last night, I made wild caught salmon in my air fryer again - and IT IS THE BEST WAY to make salmon I've ever done! Try it!

I was making it for Dalton and Heath and then I thought I 'better' not have protein for dinner like what? yes this still happens to me, so I didn't but then I was starving later and ate popcorn because I didn't TRUST myself when my body said, yummmm salmon YES eat that.

And that's what it feels like. A draw towards something, a yummm or that sounds good or that feels like the right thing.

I really believe that I can't mess up with food. There's NO WAY that me eating 10 grams of protein or 2 grams or paying no attention to protein grams has anything to do with my health.

Because I fully trust in the way that I eat and WHAT i eat.

When you can do that, everything is easier. You take the pressure off of getting it right (or wrong) - you can't, you can't get it wrong because your body is constantly recalibrating and directing you how to get to where you want to be from right NOW. Not from what you ate yesterday that you think you shouldn't have. But NOW.

It's like a constant fresh start, that's how creation works. There's no going back, only forward.

So trust what you are guided to.

And when you are confused, then turn to support that sounds/feels/is calling you to that. because in THAT you find your answers, your clarity and your ABILITY to trust your instincts more and more.

That's what I'm here for, if you are feeling like you don't trust yourself with food, and knowing what IS aligned to do, to eat or to not eat. And you absolutely have to change the way you feel, the way you look, the way you do food and therefore the health you have, then that is what my 6 week session is for.

If your next step is to know more deeply how this works. What your body wants from you and how to do it simply, easily and to find that confidence in not only what to eat, but in the fact that you can change your physical body, your health, your results.

You CAN because you are in constant motion, if you're ready to energize that motion into something NEW, something lighter, healthier and happier, then message me about working together.

6 weeks 1:1
2 calls/month
unlimited messenger support
Access to Fueled & Focused for all the recipes, group coaching and lessons on plant based eating

$5000 pay in full
2 payments of $2700

TRUST yourself. Trust that food is here to help you.

Message me here if this is you