Three Ways I'm starting 2015 healthier than before!

So even though it's January 5th...already, it's still a great time to set some intentions and goals for the month, the season and the year. This year I have BIG goals and the best way to get there is to break them down into simple steps so you can achieve and be successful at increments. I have goals for the studio, for my health coaching business and for myself. I was in yoga class Saturday morning and the teacher was talking about giving something up for 21 days - a challenge they are doing at my gym. While we were lying there (at the end of class, not part of the workout) :) she said we all likely knew what it was that we needed to use as part of this challenge. Something that might be holding us back or limiting us in being a better version of ourselves. I was like, "oh crap, that means giving up wine!" So that's what I felt come up for me and so that is what my first shift will include.

Even though we are having our family Christmas this upcoming weekend and I love to have wine with my sisters (not right now Kelly!) and mom, it's MORE important to be able to give it up for me right now. Back to this in a moment.

One way I'm going to achieve big results in business and life is by working off a schedule. So I've created a weekly plan and segmented it into all the pieces and parts of the work I need to finish and continue to do to move forward. I schedule in EVERYTHING that takes more than 5 minutes to do. So even though there are perks to working from home part-time, that means I cannot do laundry during the middle of the day unless it's on my schedule. It also means I plan my workouts and don't let them linger (one of my favorite things to do - ask my husband, he thinks I go to the gym for 3 hours a day). #nottrue

So because I am living by my schedule, that means if I am up at 6am, I'm up at 6am so I need to be fresh and ready to work each day. I know a guy who gives up cocktails for a month every January, just because he knows he needs a break from it now and again. I just finished recording my detox webinar and with all the work our liver does everyday just to help us function I know that the poor guy needs a break from working EXTRA hard now and again. 

PLUS, it's almost my husband's birthday and we are going on a fun trip to celebrate! So I am going to be my healthiest and ready to be on the beach for this trip! So while it's hard in a way to think about missing that glass of wine by the fire on these cold winter nights, it's worth giving up something that really is harmful to my body. I also love the idea of a challenge, and since I'm doing the 7 day detox with the group coming up next week, it's the perfect time to give up the vino. 

I'd love to know what comes up for you in this area. Whether you want to do the full detox or give up a vice of sorts for 21 days, tell me what you feel like is right for you and we can support each other for the next month! Comment below and let me know what you are doing this year, this month, or this week!

So these are my 3 ways to improve in the next month:

  • No alcohol for 21 days
  • Follow my work/life schedule to the minute
  • 7 day detox

Cheers! This is my wine glass raised full of sparkling water and pomegranate seeds!