Try this new ROOT as part of a 3 step night time routine to help detox your liver


Do you have a thought out healthy night time routine? If not here's 3 simple things that you can do nightly (including a POWERHOUSE food) that will make a big difference in your sleep, and what digestive magic happens while you dream away!

Take advantage of this window of time where you body resets and amps up for the next day, when you do this consistently you will make big strides in detoxing your body and taking pressure off your liver!

#1: Digital Detox: get the iPhones out of your bed, and turn off those bright lights! This lighting has been shown to keep your brain stimulated for hours, therefore making it much harder for you to get restful sleep. If you have a tv in your bedroom, don't use it! Read a book, write in your journal, or just have a good conversation with your spouse. Let your mind ease off all the apps, the news and conversations, by the way....when you let a bunch of negative news into your life it CANNOT HELP but influence your subconscious mind. So FILL your mind with GOOD NEWS especially before bed!

#2: Lemon Water: we talk about lemon water being a great morning liver flush and it's great at night as well. If you have trouble losing weight, have an autoimmune condition, a thyroid disease or just want to feel better in general, add half an organic lemon (squeezed) into 16 oz of water in the morning AND at night!

#3: Burdock root: this you'll find just like ginger root and you can slice it off and add to your stir-fry, or even peel it and it to eat like carrots! Or slice a small piece and add to hot water and sip on this after dinner as well. Burdock root is a grounding food. When the liver is dealing with viruses, bacterias, diseases, and other pathogens it loses its grounding or negative charge, and burdock helps to reestablish that, helps repair scar tissue and will help DETOXIFY to the deepest core of the liver, even removing metals, plastics, toxic hormones, and herbicides and fungicides.

Try one or all of these things and you WILL be making detox progress!


Jodi BullockComment