Do you eat on purpose?


Question for you: Why do you eat the foods you eat?

If there's anything I can tell you, it's you have to eat on purpose. You have to know what you want if you want to find the path to get there.

You can call this mindful eating, intuitive eating, or just plain understanding that foods do certain and specific things in and for your body and if you just "wing it" you are totally missing out on creating the body you want by swapping out the foods you put in your mouth.

If you want to get in shape, lose weight or knock out bloating, here are some eating on purpose tips:

*Recognize what isn't working

Are there certain foods or ingredients that make you feel like crap? Cut them out. (One caveat....if you have digestive trouble you may feel sensitive from eating certain real foods like vegetables and fruits. That doesn't mean those are bad. It means you need to work on your digestion).

*Amp up the produce

You will NEVER go wrong by eating more fruits and vegetables. NEVER. Make these your priority for every single meal. Fill yourself up on them, build your snacks around them and always get more dark leafy greens.

*Decide and commit

If you decide 100% you are going to eat on purpose so that you can lose weight (or your own goal), then you have to set yourself up for success. That means having healthy food in your fridge, making time to get groceries, learning how to cook, and not throwing in the towel just because you have a dinner party.

Remember your strategy is YOURS and no one else's. Come up with what works for you.


Jodi BullockComment