What goes on your skin goes in your body


Did you know that the two biggest sources of toxins in our bodies come from #1 the foods we eat and #2 the products we use on our bodies! Today I'm going to talk about the beauty/skincare/topical products that we use day to day to day and how those things are critical to keeping your internal body clean, toxin free and not overloaded.

Every single day we are exposed to things in our environment, and a lot of it is from what we put on ourselves.


Think about your daily routine:

Washing your face (and all that this includes: face cleanser, toner, creams, eye creams, spf)
Toothpaste, brushing those beauties up
Mouthwash? Deodorant? Lotion?
Hand Sanitizers/More lotions
Body Wash/Soap/Body Scrubs
Hand Soaps/Dishsoaps
Cleaning products
Hairspray, mouse, volumizer
Shampoos/Conditioners/Hair treatments

and on and on and on....you see the big picture - what happens when you are using these things over and over day after day. It accumulates.

Think about how long you have been using a number of these products, and then next think about where you are putting them. We put these things on, or near our skin, our largest organ of the body. Our skin, is one of our 7 channels of elimination. So when you use products on your skin, just understand that one, if there are elements of those products that are not pure, it's another thing that will need to be eliminated. Secondly, the products that go on your skin, then are absorbed into your body. They will circulate through the bloodstream and travel throughout. Remember that our bodies are completely connected. You can't put something on your face and think that's the only place it stays.

The liver is your biggest natural detoxifier so overload from toxins from product use will ultimately cause a larger workload on the liver. It's sort of funny when you think about it. The things you put on your skin, will ultimately be worked out through your liver and skin itself.


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The skin backs up the liver, what you put on your skin, ultimately must be eliminated as well

So what to do?

One really cool tool I use is to put all of my products in to test is called Skin Deep.

Even if a product says it's chemical free, there are still ingredients that will pop up when you put these things in. It will reveal to you why it's important to lessen the toxic load you are using day after day.

Here's a couple quick tips:

  • Coconut Oil: I use this for lip gloss, lotion
  • Organic Essential Oils: I use Genesis Pure 100% USDA organic oils for tons of things including adding lavendar to my bath water; grapefruit in my coconut oil, lemon for cleaning, etc
  • Choose natural body wash, I like the 365 Brand from Whole Foods
  • Natural cleaning products: I use Norwex in combination with the basics like vinegar, oils and buy organic handsoaps

Whatever you do, awareness is the first step. Look at your labels and see where you could make a swap. And let me know what you find out!