Labels Labels Labels!



We might love our clothes labels but hate reading those little suckers on every single thing we look at in the grocery store.

The best thing you can do is eat from foods that don't have labels most of the time.

I tell my clients to do the, "is this food a food test."

Here's how you do it:

1. Pick up the food 2. Look at it and see if it has a label. Is it a grape or is it a box of crackers? 3. If there is no label, it's probably a good idea (no cheating here - I'm not talking about a block of cheese :) 4. If there is a label are all of the components made of real foods?

Ex: Pasta. Maybe you found a quinoa pasta made of ________, yes quinoa, or some almond butter made from almonds, water, and salt. Yep yep yep they all pass. But what if it's a box of wheat thins and it has unrefined bleached flour. so nope there you go, not a food.

You get the idea, now, not everything I eat is label-less, but you can find so many things that combine real foods into other types these days.

The things I always avoid on labels: Chemicals, preservatives, soy, wheat, dairy, MSG, 'natural flavors', and the big one SUGAR (which has about a hundred different names)

If you just did this you body would be way better off both inside and out!

What's the trickiest thing to know about reading a label? Let me know or post a pic and I'll give you my feedback!