What to do if you're chronically constipated :(

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This simply does NOT feel good.

AND if you are constipated, you are also likely very often feeling the B word. BLOATED. I do this gratitude practice everyday where I give thanks for at least 5 areas of my body that work well, and you better believe I am so appreciative of my healthy digestive system EVERY single day. Digestion is symbolic of life, the ins and outs, the ebbs and flow, the give and take and literally it’s input and output.

So many disease states are partially occurring because we have too much toxic matter in our systems. When you think about it, there’s a ton of ways our bodies take in toxins and elements that do not work nor belong inside of us: our water, our makeup, our skincare, body wash (unless you pay attention to all of this which I hope you do ps….beautycounter….go buy everything), GMOs, conventional foods, processed foods, air, etc. Let’s just say it’s very important that your gut is healthy in the means of being able to get rid of these unwanted and unneeded particles, elements that get into our bodies. This needs to be a constant happening.

Depending on how often you eat and what you eat, you should be eliminating several times per day, because each time you eat, you process your food intake and not all of it is meant to be staying inside of you. Getting things moving should be your priority if this is not happening in your life right now. It’s literally like a sewage system being backed up, and therefore the bloating, the excess toxins can cause skin issues, a full feeling, more digestion issues because you simply don’t have the space to keep things going and generally a feeling of YUCK.

This can happen because of various reasons, including, mechanical digestion issues. This is when your organs, your intestines are not physically doing a good job as the muscles they are to contract in and out and move the food literally through you. Your intestines are muscles just like a bicep and if they have been neglected and not taken care of, they can get weak. They get weak from eating too much at once, too many processed foods, adrenaline attack from stress, eating late at night and more.

Another reason could be a simple overload of too many toxins like I mentioned above, if you just keeping being exposed and getting things inside you, your liver will become sluggish and everything gets backed up.

What do you do then, if you are constipated?

There are many things, and start here:

>> Decrease intake of anything that is NOT a real singular whole food

>> OMIT animal protein until you get things moving

>> Increase WATER drink close to a gallon of purified water each day, more if you exercise

>> EXERCISE, the physical movement will help stimulate more movement in this area, especially things like walking, running, jumping, a trampoline would be a GREAT idea

>> Celery juice, because it’s magical for all things digestion related

>> Papaya, including the little black seeds that are very bitter. They are potent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical foods, we want all of this when healing the gut, eat at least 1/2 cup per day until you are regular.

>> Bananas are easy on the gut, very soothing and help establish natural balance

>>Leafy greens, scrub the inner lining of the gut which you want, elimination

>> Chia and flax they are great and may be just the thing for other gut issues, but if THIS is your dominant concern, then make sure you don’t overdo these, get in 2 TBSP/day with plenty of water, so you get the benefit of their toxin binding powers but aren’t adding too much fiber

>> Besides just celery juice, more alkaline, green juices in general are good, because you are letting the body have access to nutrients without working hard to break anything down

>> Fasting, if you are really feeling it, try doing a 24 hour water fast as long as you aren’t suffering from blood sugar issues or other concerns related, this also speeds up the healing process


When you think about how you feel being constipated, it literally connects to staying stuck, not moving forward, holding onto unwanted things. So look around your life, where in other areas of your life are you holding back, holding onto something you know you need to let go of, not moving forward. It can be as literal as this, or maybe not quite as obvious, but there is ALWAYS a connection to your emotions and feelings, because this issue began there before it showed up in your body. You need to feel like you have both giving and receiving, as it’s just the same with food. In and out and let your body have balance without one dominating the other.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful for you!

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