What does the law of duality have to do with YOU, your BODY, HEALTH & FOOD?

What does the law of duality have to do with YOU, YOUR BODY, HEALTH and FOOD? 😍😍


Do I eat the burger or the salad vibes? 🥬🥒🍟🍔


On a client session today we were talking about going out to eat and ordering a salad vs. pasta or something like I would order: a burger and fries. And this is the core of what I have been saying over and over and over lately. It’s your energy ON IT that trumps the actual foods themselves.

It’s just that:

  1. We actually have bodies that DO RUN on real, whole plant foods so therefore we need to eat them

  2. Most of us believe that’s what = health and a fit body

But this is life. And we aren’t meant to be restricted and bored and only eat lettuce leaves all day. I do love my lettuce leaves though. And also fries.

What needs attention in this restaurant moment and in all moments in order to make progress with the body is the law of duality. This has to do with the fact that we as humans are constantly trying to avoid pain and find pleasure. And there is MORE power in the avoiding pain that the finding and having the pleasure. Meaning it’s easy to get into action for your health because you just can’t stand not fitting in your clothes or how you look or feel anymore than gee I just want to be more nourished, or get healthier. You need a motivation or inspiration to push you into action.

So if you are in the midst of a menu and you can’t decide, it’s because you are mixed up in duality. I want it but….

>>I want the burger BUT I think it will make me fat, or I think it’s bad, or I think it’s not as good of a choice, or the bread is bad…

>>I ‘should’ eat the salad because that’s healthier. I want to be thin but the burger sounds better.

>>I like salad ok but it’s not as appetizing

>>If I eat the salad or fish I will regret not getting the fries


You must decide. And you must decide what makes the most sense energetically in the moment for you. So if you are healthy, if you’ve been eating well, if you are feeling pretty good in your body and you truly just are enjoying the moment and want the burger then EAT THE BURGER. The only caveat is: you can’t question yourself after and load yourself up with guilt. Because then your cells are literally in confusion and are going to take that burger as the vibration of GUILT which is low my friend.

If you pick the salad because you are a good girl or boy, but the WHOLE time you are jealous of the fries and salivating over the burger and you are craving red meat then again your cells are vibing at I don’t get what I want = lack = not the maximized nutrition from that salad and veggies.

So you can win by knowing yourself. Know how you feel about foods, know how you feel about you eating a certain way to get the body you want, and know how you are in that moment about it all. Watch my video below to understand this!

You have to know that food just wants to support you and be food. And yes to help you heal, and lose weight and nourish you and also to taste good and not be your most dramatic friend.

So yes, learn how to use foods in the best possible way, so you are free to chose what works for you. I’m here to help guide you.

Looking at foods vibrationally, knowing this formula for plant based eating (which is in my Fueled & Focused Course and membership program) is so easy and simple. You jump in where you are. You learn how foods work, you learn how to play with them, how to create the most amazing delicious, healing recipes that work in you and for you.

You learn how to feed yourself, your family your KIDS. Please learn how to feed your babies.

Let them grow up free of food drama and just be fed and nourished and kids.

I have lost more than 35 pounds, Jodi helped me learn a new way to think about choosing foods, planning and preparing meals, and eating with a purpose. I have learned how to cook more creatively using new flavors. I used to always need a recipe to make something, but through Jodi’s instruction, I am now making up things that actually taste good! Jodi is very easy to work with and allows for imperfections. She listens and offers alternatives and doesn’t judge you if you don’t always stick to the plan. It has been the best thing I have ever done and has totally changed my life.”

– Lee Ann

"Working with Jodi was one of the best decisions I made for my health and ultimately my business. I knew I was tired of feeling sluggish, I'd been on thyroid medicine for years and suffered from IBS since high school. I was tired of taking medicine every single day, of feeling so uncomfortable from bloating and needed something to change in order to have the energy and mindset to grow a business and chase after a two-year-old. Within weeks of our first call, I notice major changes in the way my body felt, how I responded to food and ultimately my energy level. Jodi knows her stuff and my eyes were opened to what I was putting in my body. Jodi's knowledge goes beyond what we eat and really taps into our relationship and mindset around food and sustainability. If you've been thinking of working with her and are tired of feeling the way you've been feeling or dealing with the health issues that keep coming up for you I can't think of anyone better to support you. It's been over a year now and I can count on one hand the number of times I've felt bloated and no longer need thyroid medicine to balance my levels."


We aren’t meant to struggle and fight ourselves or disease or bloating or weight. I want everyone to know this, to have a clear clear perspective that allows freedom and fun and life.

Grab a spot in my course now. I’m taking this current group through the lessons right now, and we are customizing your action steps to where YOU ARE and what you WANT.

This is what you can expect. Dropping weight, healing the gut, losing inflammation, learning how to cook, find the best foods, EASE.

This is the best way you could ask to have me helping you customize your food and diet and lifestyle for HEALTH.

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