Why brides always lose weight

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I remember when I got married (almost 10 years ago!) I had a lovely woman named Faythe make my wedding dress and it was gorgeous. I had lots of fittings near the end of the process and when I went in one day she said to me, "You're the skinniest bride I have ever fitted!"


At first I thought nothing of it, I had been called skinny before and so what, no big deal. But I realized later that I had lost weight before my wedding without ANY EFFORT at all. I wasn't trying to lose weight but I did.


At the same time, I had a bunch of friends getting married and one day I offered to make dinner for my girlfriend and her fiance as a nice gesture as they were in the late stages of all their planning. When I met her to drop off the food I thought wow! She looks amazing (and usually did anyway) but I asked her, "Are you working out a lot? You look so good!" And her answer? No, not at all, I haven't had time to even think about it.


You've heard it, I'm certain. Phrases like:

* I haven't been this thin since I got married

* I want to fit into the size I was in my wedding dress


So what gives? And what can YOU LEARN about brides that will manifest into weight loss for you NOW?


It's simple. The power to manifest weight loss without effort or weary is this:


You must have love. And this does NOT mean that if you aren't married or have a boyfriend that you can't participate. Because it's not actually because the brides are so in love that they lose weight (although I'm sure they were :)


The LOVE that is inducing positive benefits is the love that is flowing through them from a greater power. You see LOVE is the highest vibration of emotion of any out there. And it's what we all came from. When you exhibit love through you in your body in the form of feelings and emotions and positivity and happiness then EVERYTHING in your world will move toward what you really want.


So the brides are letting love flow through them both because they have that special someone but also because that feeling is a bigger part of their constant day/hour/minute/life than not. And let me tell you something else. It only has to be 51% of the time to make it work.


Good news. Bad news.

First the good news: That's not a big number. When you just shift to being happy and feeling the emotion of positivity and love 51% of the time you get results. People that get super fast results are either at the higher range of vibration (more toward love) and/or at this vibration more frequently, aka more than 51%.


Bad news: If you are stuck and not shifting in your body (OR life) than you aren't 'feeling' the happiness you are really made from. You need more LOVE in your body and life. Even if you say you're happy and good and fine, there's MORE to feel than that. You're supposed to feel good and to feel better and better and better. There is NO limit to this.


Yes we can talk about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and that is good too, but THIS MUST COME FIRST. It's happiness we all really want in the end. You want to lose weight, get rid of symptoms, look differently because you believe it will make you HAPPY.


Food, exercise, nutrition, all super important, but first, it is LOVE.





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