Why I'm doing the Medical Medium 28 day cleanse

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I discovered Anthony Williams literally right after Dalton was born, so not all that long ago, but his impact on my life and understanding of the body and health has been profound. Once I started reading his books EVERYTHING made sense, and I've read all of his books at this point, over and over in many cases and listened to nearly all of his podcasts. 


With his direction from Spirit, I have made sense of my fertility issues, my toxicity and been able to help people much more because I know how to see food correctly. All signs in my own body leading up to infertility point straight to my LIVER.


Growing up in the midwest, and not eating organic foods, pesticides, chemicals, all the body products were contaminated, stress and then there were my symptoms, and I really couldn't complain, I wasn't in bed sick like some people. My symptoms were:

*Reynaud's especially in the winter, another reason I love summer, my fingers turn white. I remember doing my long runs on Saturday mornings when I was training for my marathon and it was like fall weather, not even freezing and I couldn't turn the key in my car door because my hands were so frozen. Touching anything cold = white fingers.

And this is Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) which is usually housed in the liver until you are weak/compromised/stressed and then it can rear it's ugly head and attack the body.



There are a few components here. So my issues was irregular ovulation and then during IVF implantation failure. What I learned is amenorrhea is another side effect of EBV, and it can move to the uterus which would tell me why nothing would implant.

I got the MTHFR test on my own because I was looking for ANY help and of course I had it. And from Anthony learned it's also EBV, it's NOT genetic it's a sluggish, dirty liver and there is sludge in the blood (also affecting Reynaud's) toxins just are circulating! 

Then you add on all the DRUGS/CHEMICALS and FILLERS from the IVF meds and taking pure estrogen for way too long, the liver has to process all that and if I'm already having infertility because of an overloaded liver then it's probably not a great idea to add more work to the liver right?

SOOOO here we are still a good amount of months after I read about all of this stuff and pieced it together and when I read about the 28 day cleanse, which is eating all raw fruits and veggies and herbs for 4 weeks, my first thought was YUM that sounds easy. Because I have done 3 day juice cleanses and I thought those were "hard" because i wanted to chew food!

But I never did it. Even though my intuition told me your liver would really benefit from this. It would relieve a lot of work for you, and it actually isn't even that hard. I still resisted it, and then I started it and quit. Honestly my biggest food I don't want to give up is roasted veggies. But my sister did this cleanse and it DRAMATICALLY changed her body, we're doing a podcast about this soon. And she did eat some steamed veggies. 

There's just been this feeling I have had in my body that it isn't LIGHT like it used to feel. And even though I eat a beautiful beautiful diet mostly it hasn't been enough when it really should be enough. And I listen to my own coaching to others and know that it's emotional too. The way it's coming through to me is that the IVF process was really hard and stressful and all of that pain, sadness, drama, failure, paired with the physical toxins I already had and then heaped on with the drugs was the tipping point. 

I can feel that. But I also know now that when your body goes through something the EMOTIONS get stored in you. Just like toxins like heavy metals are stored in FAT, negative emotions are also toxins and stored in us and have to be processed and released. And our food obviously helps us process toxins of all kinds because of the metaphysical properties foods have and because they are essentially purifying, cleansing and purging the liver (fruits and veggies). 

But you also have to be ready to purge the old emotions, to move on and let go for good. You can clean up your diet pretty well and not get there. You can clean up your diet pretty well and get there too with the inner work, but I see this 28 day cleanse as SUCH an infusion of cleansing that you sort of will be forced to purge the emotions. 

Because when you have cravings for foods, those are emotions that are creating the cravings. So when you day after day only put in the pure, healing ingredients, you will be getting a LOT of that. And a lot of their physical healing properties, and a lot of their spiritual and emotional healing elements. 

And you have to say I am willing to keep doing this even though I don't feel like it. I am willing to keep going even though salmon sounds wonderful. Or I feel really angry, or frustrated (which likely will happen because those emotions are stored in the liver). 

On the other side though is freedom. I just always wonder how good one can feel. And since I believe in an unlimited Universe, then there is UNLIMITED health abundance, and the way I feel now is not that. There is a fog still to be lifted and to me it feels like something needs to be shaken off of me. And I can't stand it anymore, so I decided to do this, like all the way.

And I expect amazing results. I am setting the following intentions:

  • To do this for my body from a deep place of gratitude for how it's served me my whole life
  • To allow it to rest and heal from all the things I didn't know were hurting it (aspartame/Diet Pepsi/too much meat/corn/beauty products)
  • And the things I did that I did know were hurting it (alcohol, criticizing, negative self talk)
  • To follow through for myself and to elevate my spiritual and physical body
  • To share my experience with you


We need more healing stories in the world, and I'm going to blog my way through this and tell you how it's going. I'll show you what I'm eating, the recipes, the plain old meals, the juicing, the smoothies, the emotions and the results.

I'm planning to blog once a week with updates and progress so stay tuned, and if you've never read Anthony's books, do yourself a favor and get one or all of them. It's truly life changing and will change the way you eat (I hope). Our bodies work really hard to carry us through life, and when we know how to heal, then why not take those steps in whatever ways you are called.

I'm being called to do this. And I"m excited.

Stay tuned!