If you're supposed to act as if the person who is healthy, lean, weighs xyz then read this

If you follow self-development, manifesting, creating at ALL you have totally the heard this statement: 


ACT as IF you already have the thing, the money, the body, the relationship, the house whatever you are creating that is NEW that you now do not have yet. It's the WHO is the person who has this body, this health, this energy, this vitality right?


OK. So now that we are clear on that. Here's how I process this. 

When I am this person who is happy, healthy looking amazing in my clothes, being active, going to the gym, enjoying life, I ALSO am enjoying life, and FOOD.

This works in a lot of ways, so if you are right now, binging on sugar, not taking care to nourish yourself properly with adequate fruits and veggies and healthy sourced foods and you aren't showing up to workout and you aren't getting enough sleep and you are totally stressed out and worried about all the things that do you NO good to worry about then, YES, WHO WOULD YOU BE AS THE PERSON WHO IS THE OPPOSITE OF ALL THOSE THINGS?


You likely would:

*Get to bed on time

*Get healthy food in your house, figure out what you need to be eating, how to cook it, what to eliminate, where to eat out instead of fast food places, and on and on

*Go to the gym, or on walks, or to yoga or pilates or the things that you LOVE to do

*Wash your wash, get up earlier, meditate, work on releasing stressors, doubts, fears

AND also? If we are being honest?

I also would be having dessert at night if I felt like it. Yes I sure would. When I've been my happiest in my body, I was ALWAYS almost ALWAYS having ice cream at night, SOMETIMES AFTER LUNCH TOO!

I remember when I went back to school for nutrition. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I LOVED those days because I didn't have to be there until 1pm, so that meant I didn't have to leave home until around 12pm because of the drive, so I had ALL MORNING to workout, shower, eat, etc. And I would eat lunch at home and then pack ice cream for the car ride there! Because I wanted to. And because I worked out so much I knew my body was burning lots of calories. (Now I know I'm a manifesting generator in human design and I have a VERY FAST metabolism, lucky me if I do say so, and I burn lots of calories if I'm sitting, standing, getting my hair done, doing a live stream, or running. I move a lot, I can't sit still, because I have a generator built inside me). So anyhow the point is: 


I know my body.

And I know what I like, and I know what I can handle, and now knowing foods, why in the heck couldn't I eat vegan ice cream every single night of my life if I wanted to? I mean, I eat pure foods, I eat organic, I love all the veggies and fruits I eat all day everyday without effort or force because I want to eat them I love to eat them, I cannot imagine NOT eating them. If I trust my body in THAT, then why can't I trust my body in ice cream? 

And ice cream is just one thing right? It's also healthy versions of pizza, pasta, cookies, whatever, and maybe sometimes it's the not healthy versions. But if you trust yourself then you trust yourself. And if you are looking in the future at your healthy and in shape self. You look at what you are feeling and thinking and doing too.

I know my healthiest self believes that wanting dessert is not a big deal, that I am at peace with food, that I trust food, and that I have not put myself on a strict diet that has rules to last forever and ever amen, I certainly know that is NOT TRUE. Because that isn't what I want. 

And I bet it's not the person you see when you look ahead either. So if you must "act as if" and be the person now, you do do the healthy things, you learn how if you don't know how. You show up for your workouts, you eat the better choices, you make the swaps, but you also don't RESTRICT. You also don't create rules, you don't force it. You get to live your whole life.

For me that means, I want to be able to eat what I want when I want it anytime I want it. And I know that at this point in my life I totally trust myself to make that decision. In fact the more I try to just eat healthy foods all the time, it backfires on me. Because i know to my core, that foods aren't that big of a deal for me anymore with what I know and believe about them. They fuel me, I love them, they are powerful, the end. I choose well. 

I also get to choose to be social, to go out to eat, to make healthier versions of things, birthday cakes, ice cream, smoothies, pizza crusts, stir-frys etc. I think this was my whole issue with wine too. I was using it to let myself have fun. When really I just want to have fun in my life all the time, because it's supposed to be fun.

So when you put ALL that pressure on food or drinking, to give you happiness, that's not how it's meant to be. Your food is here to support you and let you thrive. You have to choose happiness, in all areas of your life and not put the entire pressure of you being happy on your diet. Because if that's the case then there will continue to be a lot of people who eat donuts, sugar cereal, pop tarts, popcorn, pizza, beers, vodka, fried chicken.......because you want your food to make you feel good.

Food does make you feel good. But not that kind of "make me happy" pressure. It's an easy, elevating, life giving pleasure. Where you gain bounds of energy. Your body lightens up and responds to you, you feel healthy digestively, your skin is clear, your waist is slim, your body moves with ease without aches and pains. 

So it's always two sided, your beliefs about food, and what is possible for you and the physical eating of the food. The spiritual always trumps the physical though. So you can't eat perfectly healthily enough to lighten the load on a physical body where your spirit is sad, depressed and hopeless. 

Don't put that pressure on your organic kale and brussel sprouts salad. And you can't eat enough cookies or cake to elevate you into joy, peace, happiness for REAL in your life. It will just manifest as more body issues and weightiness.

Make sense?

So when you see the you who has ALL of that, be real with yourself. Be clear. Look at what you are really using food for now. Maybe you lean too much on doing it perfectly, maybe you lean too much on comfort foods. Your balance is in the middle, and of course you will find yourself in wellness when you experience consistency of real whole foods, but it's not about ONLY that, and you are limited to only those. 

Write out your ideal situation. What are you eating? What are doing for workouts? What changes have you made? How do you feel about yourself? What are you making for fun family or dinner parties? How is this affecting your social life? (hint it shouldn't halt it to a stop).

and what do you believe. What do you want, and how do you want it to go for you?


Get real. Get clear. And know that you don't have to be a boring, salad eating, no fun having person who forever feels bad if she eats ice cream more than 3 times per week. #justsaying I'm not feeling bad anymore.

Life is supposed to be fun, so is food, so let them merge for you.

Do you love my perspective on food and health? 

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