Why You Are Burping!



I've gotten this question/seen it around a bunch lately!

So let's chat about the ever so lovely body symptom!

It's totally fine to burp as it clears space, but it should be a not so regular occurrence. I used to burp so loud at dinner my parents wondered if I would ever find a boyfriend. #notkidding

When you are a baby, someone has to burp you every time you eat because your digestive system is still developing but when you are an adult, it's developed, it's just how healthy is it?

Burping indicates that your food isn't broken down as well as it could be, or that your food is getting to your intestines a little too quickly.

A lot of times you have burping and bloating because of the air created. And when foods are eaten TOO FAST and/or they just cannot be broken down well enough, you can get all kinds of digestive symptoms.


#1: Slow down when you eat.

Are you rushing through dinners? Eating standing up? Shoveling food in your mouth? My husband eats fast so I have to pay attention when I eat with him that I don't try to keep up :)

Besides slowing down, are you CHEWING your food enough? Chewing is mechanical digestion so we want to help out the chemical digestive elements by doing our part and chewing our food thoroughly.

#2: Inadequate breakdown on the way to the intestines.

It's your good friend stomach acid here. Don't be fooled by anyone (drs) who tell you that you have too much acid and that's what is behind your reflux.

No it's not enough stomach acid.

I'll do a video on this for you guys too - but things that contribute to not enough stomach acid?

**Eating too much at once

**Too high of fat in the diet

**Too much animal protein

**Too much protein

**Eating late at night


**Fast foods, fried foods


So you need more. So how do you do this?

>>Stop doing any of the above!

>>Slow down, enjoy your meals, chew my friend chew!

>>Decrease protein, especially animal protein

>>Do NOT eat animal protein in the morning

>>Start your day with a juice and fruit

>>Celery juice. Yes it works.

>>Clean up your diet, eat only real whole foods

This will definitely help you immensely. Because it's simply letting foods work with the natural processes of the body.

One last thing, pay attention to when it's happening, is it all the time? Is it dependent on things you eat or environment? All things play a role. Remember not to create a rule based on ONE incident, but remember everything is connected and it's all adding up.