You are IMPRINTING your own and your baby's DNA with your lunch

dalton cabo green juice.jpg

Dalton and I just drove through the carwash. Not his favorite thing, you know the pulsing water shooting straight outside your carseat and all. But we made it. I gave him a blueberry larabar and it did the trick. And while I was sitting in there thinking about things I thought about me having a blueberry larabar in my bag and what it means.

It means I’ve thought about things. Food. Now being a mom and knowing that you better be prepared, (it’s also an awesome idea to be prepared for your own self to have good food options by the way). But nothing motivates you more than NOT having something to soothe and appease your baby - in a car - especially driving a long ways down the road.

I thought about how I just picked him up from my parents and how excited my mom and I were that Dalton finally feels well again and is eating. And she told me he had mangoes and organic chicken and guacamole. And how that’s normal. That he eats real foods. Like all the time. Except when someone orders french fries.

I have never met more motivated women than those who want to get pregnant or who are newly pregnant. We had women show up at my pilates studio who NEVER came to class until or unless they were pregnant for prenantal classes (A DEFINITELY AMAZING EXERCISE YOU SHOULD DO DURING PREGNANCY). But it was like, oop I’m done, see you in a few years. But THEN they knew, they understood the role that they were co-creating a human and that how they took care of themselves was super amplified during things time of life.

And they were right. And it’s even MORE true with food. What you choose to eat, and how to prepare your body and YOUR genes, which you turn on and off with foods, lifestyle and beliefs. You are working with your genes, your DNA your body and its systems all day everyday and then the moment you are officially pregnant you are translating all of that to your baby. Yes the baby gets your beliefs, and it gets its first start with health based on how you ‘program’ it with your body and choices.

When I went through fertility stuff, I was HIGHLY motivated by NOT feeling like the crappy crap state of being I ended up in due to all the drugs and stress….AND my poor food choices. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I heard about people wanting to do ‘cleanses’ before trying to conceive but it’s really more than a 3 day deal people.

It’s so much more. It’s like EVERYTHING. You are creating a new person. With endless possibilities for health and that’s such an amazing place to be in. To know and understand how to fuel yourself, your baby, what you need the most before you are pregnant, during it and of course afterwards. And what I want for you to know with all my heart is yes how to take care of yourself, but why?

BECAUSE I want you to know how to take care of this new little precious SOUL. Pure and innocent and not having the power or words to take care of him or herself. And not knowing what the world wants to do to welcome him in….which is not do everything YOUR OWN WAY. A more natural way, a more real way, a more organic way. A way where you decide that you are the boss of your life and your child’s and that you now have a HUGE responsibility to take care of this little person who is now earth side and needs to stay as close to his or her soul as possible. And that means protecting them and learning what they actually really need.

And when you learn this for yourself first. You program it into them. You grow them with real nutrition, plenty for them and YOU. You don’t have to sacrifice your body and organs like so many women do and end up so burnt out and fatigued and then have so little to give while trying to care for the new baby. It’s HARD. It was hard for me and I wasn’t physically taxed. I got to walk out of the hospital without giving birth, fueled, healthy and strong, I might not have known one lick about being a mom in real life but my body was healthy. And it was still hard.

There is so much happening around babies, stress, birth, expectations, life, how it changes, feeding yourself, taking care of yourself, and now this new baby. Learn what you need to know. How to create your healthiest self NOW, and then on-going, and how to do it your own way, and to KNOW that you are the mom in charge of this baby, or babies if you already have them. It’s never too late, it’s just way easier to know before you get into all this, and if you are having a hard time getting pregnant there are things to know. That will change what your body will do immensely.

So, pack snacks. And give yourself the lesson of knowing your body, food and health now. We all need to know this.

I’m taking new private coaching clients now! There is SO much you can do with your body and health with real food and mindset. If you have inflammation showing up in your digestion, thyroid, joints, allergies, food sensitivities, your weight it’s such a great idea to flush that all out now. To get yourself into true flow with health, and being free of limits so you make it easy to get pregnant and understand how food fits with your body’s functions.

Send me a message if you’re interested, check out detail here and we can chat!