Your Power is in the pain

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I know how much it can completely suck when you don’t feel good in your own skin. It’s like torture really, to be ‘in’ a body that doesn’t feel like your own. And to try oh try so hard to be happy or in a good mood but sometimes you just lose it.

And that’s ok.

Because that’s where you can find your power - in the middle of the worst of the worst pain, whether it’s physical pain, literally radiating from your body or feeling lack of energy or maybe it’s the emotions of just not having what you want. And that, is so hard.

But remember, in the moments where you feel the most pain, it’s because there’s something, this thing, this body, this health status that you WANT SO BADLY. and you do want it, the wanting it so badly IS the gap you need to cross, from how you feel right now, today in this worst moments when you want to scream or cry or both and go hide under the covers to the outcome.

Where - you’re there. It’s done. You are IN YOUR BODY again. or for the first time.

However big that gap is, is how much pain you feel in the worst of it.

And that pain is your power.

Because everything is running on a sliding scale of love. How MUCH we are in and allowing, and how much we are blocking off and putting limits around our bodies and health.

The bigger the gap, the worse you feel, but it’s because you aren’t being who you really are, and allowing in the love energy - which is everything, which moves mountains, which heals, which shifts, sometimes it’s a shift in your mood. In your perspective, sometimes it’s physical, but this is always true, it’s happening where you can’t physically see it before you CAN. And the hardest part with our bodies and health is bridging the gap between where we are, and where we want to be WHEN we can’t see the changes yet.

This is creation. This is manifestation.

And the BEST way to bridge the gap is gratitude.

Let me insert one thing here too:

It’s also SUPER helpful to know what IS going on with your body and then the steps that you can take and do your part in with food, nutrition, detoxing, and your own mindset patterns and be able to help the process out. You are doing what you can, which ISN”T the main show by the way. But you doing your part builds faith and confidence, both are critical to lasting change, shifting, healing and transformation.

So understand what the body IS saying and showing you.


While you do that, day in and day out because you do WANT the change and results so badly, you get into gratitude because that’s where the MAGIC is.

Use gratitude for what IS well, healthy and good about your body and health. THERE ARE THINGS! Like

  • Do you have legs? have gratitude for them, you can walk, you can take care of yourself, you can drive your car, you can stand in a shower, some people can’t do that.

  • Can you see? What can you see that you appreciate right now? The sun, the spring day, green grass, your kids smiles and big eyes, the show you’re watching on tv? Your favorite book?

  • Your stomach, your intestines? Even if they aren’t working perfectly today, you can eat food, you can digest, you can process, you’re doing well.

  • Your fingers, your toes, your feet, your knees, your muscles, your hair…..keep going!

Feel it though. Just don’t read this and think yeah but I want ____________________ to be skinnier! or have abs! or have a fast metabolism!

You get those things when you line up with them. You line up with them when you feel love. Gratitude is one the highest expressions of love.

You PRACTICE it. You PRACTICE it. and you PRACTICE it some more.

Do this every morning, every night and every time during the day you think about what you don’t have that makes you sad or mad.

Even when, especially when it looks like nothing is happening. Nothing. like at all.

BUT IT IS, and it can and it will pick up more energy when YOU are the one holding the NEW energy, the new FREQUENCY of believing and knowing that your new healthy body IS already done and complete.

The thing that slows it down is US. yep us.

We slow things down by shifting back and forth and not letting the energy build up to go where we want it to go. Because we are SO FOCUSED on what is happening (or not happening) or what our bodies feel and look like right now.

It’s like this:

You want to change your body. You are done with the bloating, the stuckness, the weight, the tiredness. So you learn about it, you understand, you change your food and diet and you move you workout. And you even journal and meditate and understand how quantum physics and the law of attraction are working.

But then you walk by the mirror and you don’t like what you see. Or you put on an outfit and it’s tight or doesn’t fit right. Or you have all these intentions for your day but you are so tired physically - in any case - you SEE what IS and you fall back into the pattern. But don’t feel bad - it’s ok! You’re only doing that because that OLD PATTERN is the one most defined (right now) but the work, is to hold onto the new pattern, the new vision, the new frequency EVEN when and ESPECIALLY when you see NOTHING DIFFERENT. YET.

But this is how it works. It has to work, because it’s law. And your job is yes to get real about what your symptoms or body’s state of health and physical status is showing you AND to see your part in it’s creation with your beliefs and feelings. AND then, when you get this, and understand this, it’s to HOLD ON to feeling the feeling of what you can’t yet see, but you are so fiercely holding onto because you just HAVE TO HAVE IT.

The stronger and more dominantly you do this, the faster your new body will show up. I promise.

So that’s the work. It’s spiritual and physical.

Be strong and firm in your vision. And don’t ever let it go, you literally have to act like you have this thing you want so much when you……don’t have it here yet. But you can lean your faith on knowing it IS already done. And it will come to you as fast as you can hold the space for it.

My 6 week intensive Soul Fed Sessions are now open!

Learning how to eat in a way that feeds your soul, the larger part of you, the unlimited part of you.

It’s never again a diet. Unless you call it the human diet, and taking care of your human self.

Do you feel like you’re living in someone else’s body?

Like you don’t recognize yours?

What it’s doing? Symptoms it’s showing you? Weight that you’re carrying?

You just can’t go on another month, another day, another SUMMER where you don’t feel like yourself.

How you are in your body is everything.

It’s your mood, it’s your confidence, it’s how you show up as a partner, mom, in your career, with your friends.

Not being in YOUR body is one of the hardest things I ever had to experience.

It was like something else was taking over.


That was the worst part.

I didn’t know how I had helped to create this body, and because of that I couldn’t do anything about it.

But now I do. I know. I know how food works. I know how the body works. And I know how foods work IN the body.

They work together, FOR US. FOR YOU.

Nothing is stopping you from getting your body back.

Knowing what to eat, knowing what NOT to, knowing the sources of hidden inflammation triggering disease, and not feeling like yourself in your own body. It’s time we OUT those suckers and stop consuming them.

You need to be back in your power in your body.

To know that you can create any change you focus on.

You can change the way you eat.

You can look at food in a different way, where it’s helping you, loving you, healing you.

You can trust food, and trust yourself.

You can make it simple and easy.

The confusion cloud needs to clear so you can fully and finally see how straight forward this is, and then how to make it work for YOU, in your life, with your preferences, with YOUR lifestyle and with your family.

I have nothing against any food, but we need to look at it’s role in your life and diet, and how we can make it better, healthier, more alive.

How to change the stories you are telling about why this is hard, or confusing or just not something YOU seem to be able to do.

It’s clearing the clutter in your kitchen, ingredients, and the voices in your head that keep you stuck.

You NEED to be the real you. You need to be in your BODY. You need to be feeling like your REAL self.

Or everything else suffers.

We’re focusing on YOU first, getting clear on what you need to know, to do and to be with food so that you can take care of yourself, your health, your energy, your body, and from THAT PLACE, move your family into one of the greatest gifts of all.

Understanding how to eat.

Plant based eating for your entire family, partner, kids and you.

Even with ‘picky eaters’ even with different symptoms, and preferences and likings.

Even with school, and lunches and travel.

This has to be done.

Are you ready?

It will change your entire life.

6 weeks 1:1 with me

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