How much do you need to know to heal your body & do you have an UPPER LIMIT issue?

I was just sitting here journaling on some things for myself and this thought hit, about how much detail, how SPECIFIC do we need to get and be when it comes to our bodies and health and wondering what is going on “in there” and how to come out of it on the other side?

The NOT knowing part of health seems mysterious and not in a good way, it’s like this mean situation where we are out of the loop on how our own bodies are running and working or not working. We live in our bodies and still why does health seem to be so ‘out there’ or out of grasp or unknown for so many people?

I think we have been conditioned to find it mysterious, and the more we moved toward medicine and drugs as health care the farther we moved from what health really is. Which is how much we are living in alignment with who we really are, and how well we are taking care of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies while here on Earth.

And even in that, what if you say, I don’t KNOW how to take care of my physical body when I don’t know what’s going on inside of me. Fair point. This was my biggest struggle when my health tanked. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And because of that I felt helpless.

But I never was. I always had the ability to know and see what was happening and to find answers but there was a lot of garbage clouding my knowing. And some things that were simply not taught as a little kid, so that I just knew them, expected them, that’s just how it was.

I saw a post today about how people have patterns of getting sick or having health issues when they have success with money or business. Like a sabotage pattern, of not letting things get that good. Or maybe it’s the literal stress or change of feelings on, in and around the body when life is changing, even though it’s good and exciting changes. It sounds like an upper limit issue. As I read that post I thought to myself,

I can’t even imagine that happening.

Because I can’t. There is NO WAY possible that as my business grows or I become more successful that my health tanks to any type of level where I’m in bed, or have migraines (again - i used to get those for other reasons) or I get an autoimmune condition.


Because I KNOW my body. I know THE BODY. I know how the body WORKS.

I know what autoimmune conditions ARE. And I know how to heal them. I’m not scared of them. There’s zero fear of them, it’s just IMPOSSIBLE.

I get that this is not a belief that everyone has. And I obviously wasn’t always so immune to them because my body did suffer and struggle for a long time after and during my fertility treatments. This is the thing though. It was one of my BIGGEST BLESSINGS.

In any situation that feels hard or difficult, you have to get that it’s happening FOR YOU not TO YOU. There is a reason and the faster you can see the good in it, the faster you’ll complete the lesson and move on your way from it.

In my case, health problems were my biggest blessings for many many reasons.

  • I learned what is behind disease

  • I learned how I was co-creating my issues

  • I learned how the gut really works

  • I learned what is behind infertility

  • I understood the emotional and spiritual components and that health issues aren’t just about the food WHILE

  • I also learned how freaking HUGE food is to healing

  • I learned how to eat

  • I learned how to feed my family, my baby, and Dalton will grow up KNOWING how this all works.

He already does.

There’s more blessings that I could list off for hours probably. One of the biggest now is to be able to help you all. When you don’t have your health so solid that you just KNOW it can’t get bad on you, you are back in your power. This isn’t about control, this is about certainty, and knowing your body and how things work and expectations.

Can you IMAGINE, how it is to feel like you just have this. You know what your body is telling you now with any signs and symptoms you are having. You know what that means is happening inside. You know your steps to heal it with your diet, food, lifestyle. You see your limitations in terms of beliefs and mindset patterns?

Are you ready to fully SEE THIS? So you can be free of it for good? To be able to live a long healthy life is such the blessing. To know how supported your body is here on the physical realm when we do our part to take care of it, and with the non-physical realm constantly shining down health and healing to us all day everyday.

It’s amazing. It’s everything. And that’s what my Soul Fed Sessions are for. 6 weeks 1:1 with me to clear the confusion, the dliemmas, the wondering. You will get what you need to know. You’ll understand what your body is telling you, what it wants, what it needs, what it’s asking of you.

And you’ll learn how to make the food, diet, nutrition and lifestyle part so SECOND nature that you can’t even imagine not being that person who eats like that, moves like that, nourishes herself, takes care of her mind and body and spirit all together.

Learning how to eat in a way that feeds your soul, the larger part of you, the unlimited part of you.

It’s never again a diet. Unless you call it the human diet, and taking care of your human self.

Do you feel like you’re living in someone else’s body?

Like you don’t recognize yours?

What it’s doing? Symptoms it’s showing you? Weight that you’re carrying?

You just can’t go on another month, another day, another SUMMER where you don’t feel like yourself.

How you are in your body is everything.

It’s your mood, it’s your confidence, it’s how you show up as a partner, mom, in your career, with your friends.

Not being in YOUR body is one of the hardest things I ever had to experience.

It was like something else was taking over.


That was the worst part.

I didn’t know how I had helped to create this body, and because of that I couldn’t do anything about it.

But now I do. I know. I know how food works. I know how the body works. And I know how foods work IN the body.

They work together, FOR US. FOR YOU.

Nothing is stopping you from getting your body back.

Knowing what to eat, knowing what NOT to, knowing the sources of hidden inflammation triggering disease, and not feeling like yourself in your own body. It’s time we OUT those suckers and stop consuming them.

You need to be back in your power in your body.

To know that you can create any change you focus on.

You can change the way you eat.

You can look at food in a different way, where it’s helping you, loving you, healing you.

You can trust food, and trust yourself.

You can make it simple and easy.

The confusion cloud needs to clear so you can fully and finally see how straight forward this is, and then how to make it work for YOU, in your life, with your preferences, with YOUR lifestyle and with your family.

I have nothing against any food, but we need to look at it’s role in your life and diet, and how we can make it better, healthier, more alive.

How to change the stories you are telling about why this is hard, or confusing or just not something YOU seem to be able to do.

It’s clearing the clutter in your kitchen, ingredients, and the voices in your head that keep you stuck.

You NEED to be the real you. You need to be in your BODY. You need to be feeling like your REAL self.

Or everything else suffers.

We’re focusing on YOU first, getting clear on what you need to know, to do and to be with food so that you can take care of yourself, your health, your energy, your body, and from THAT PLACE, move your family into one of the greatest gifts of all.

Understanding how to eat.

Plant based eating for your entire family, partner, kids and you.

Even with ‘picky eaters’ even with different symptoms, and preferences and likings.

Even with school, and lunches and travel.

This has to be done.

Are you ready?

It will change your entire life.

6 weeks 1:1 with me

2 calls/month

Unlimited messenger (very helpful for when you’re making dinner, grocery shopping, planning, having a sugar craving….)

We will have morning check-ins and evening check-ins for the first few weeks to establish new habits and accountability with your progress with your food and exercise and even more importantly your MINDSET

Access to Fueled & Focused to help you master plant based cooking

This is customized exactly to you FOR you to help you bust through whatever rut you’re in, or get the clarity you need to have the tools, skills and certainty that you can be healthy, feel good and live in a body you love.

$5000 pay in full


2 x $2700

let me know if you have questions!

Jodi :)

You can do this. It’s so worth it.

Ready to jump in?

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