Your REAL spiritual teachers

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If you haven't always followed me, let me tell you that the past year has been a BIG learning experience to say the least. Or maybe it's better to say "unlearning," as everyday I understand more and more that each of us is already whole, already healthy, already abundant, but we have 'learned' behaviors and beliefs that are keeping us where we are.

And knowing where you want to be and not being there is in fact one of the most painful things to feel. So this past year I would call my life a Spiritual Awakening. Where my entrepreneurial journey started with being introduced to the concepts of a money story and mindset practices, this inner work has become the focus as I work to break free of limits and live the life and make the impact I really know I am here to make.

So along the way I have found great joy in learning from some of the best teachers including Gabby Bernstein, Louise Hay, and a handful of coaches that are themselves so in line with these spiritual understandings. I especially love Gabby and even have some of her Spirit Junkie apparel which I wear with complete pride :) 

Her new book is coming out in January and since I have many of her other books and really loved The Universe Has Your Back, I of course bought this new one too, before it's even been released. So as a bonus I got to watch her speak live (online) last week teaching a workshop called Super Attractor. Showing us again or reminding us how we are truly powerful beings and can literally ATTRACT our desires into our lives and experiences. 

At the end during some Q&A, a beautiful woman got up and told Gabby about how she has 5 (or 6, I can't remember) children and she has fallen in love with her spiritual practice and all she wants to do is lock herself in a room and read books and meditate and journal all day, and she cannot of course because she has children and life responsibilities.

And as ALWAYS, when you show up for something, there is always a lesson there for YOU.

So this woman's question spoke directly to ME as a new mom with a very mobile 10 month old who also is going through a time in life where I want to absorb all the 'right minded' thinking and knowings I can and just can't get enough of it. But alas, babies wake up at 3:30am; 5:30am, whenever they wake up (am) and you just don't always get to do your own morning routine meaning, get up, meditate, journal, workout, shower, and get your head on straight for your day.

And I've been struggling. I've been letting what I don't get to do be my focus instead of what is truly happening in front of me. Gabby told this woman, "You're only missing one thing. Your children ARE your best spiritual teachers, not me, not Wayne Dyer, not Louise Hay. THEY are the ones teaching you your lessons."


And I HEARD it. I FELT it. 

I was trying to isolate myself away from my life so that I could somehow learn how to live my life? And don't get me wrong, without people like this I would not know what I know and I am forever grateful. AND I got the message. My baby is the one to teach me what true JOY is, what PATIENCE is, what unconditional LOVE is. 

Babies actually have it all figured out. Need something? Get attention and ask for it, they know they deserve it (that bottle, that organic fruit pouch, those snuggles). Getting a little out of alignment? (which is literally what happens so they KNOW when the conditions of the world have been enough and it's time for a nap). Take a hint adults, go take a nap if you get in a bad mood. They wake up HAPPY, EXCITED, JOYFUL. It's the way it's supposed to be. 

So mommas: It's not easy. This is know. This I know today right now, when I have not gotten to do my meditation, or my workout and my baby is wearing dried carrot applesauce on his little Addidas track suit. But he's smiling, he's happy, he's healthy, he just wants love and attention. And he is important to me. So take this new mantra I have and use it for yourself when your day feels like overwhelm and frustration:

I am willing to learn from my children, my family, my LIFE. My life IS my spiritual practice and it is enough.

All my love,


AND if you want to make it easier to get into alignment with your life, your JOY, your abundance, it starts with a healthy body. And let me tell you it's WAY EASIER to feel good when you aren't eating something more addictive than crack cocaine....YES I'm talking about SUGAR. And it's time for my 10 day sugar detox, we start December 11th, get in there now!!