What's UP with entrepreneurs being burnt out, tired and ADRENAL FATIGUE?

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A few weeks ago I had a blast chatting up health and the entrepreneur life with my friend Erika Sheffer . If you don't know Erika, you definitely need to check out her podcast, Unleash the Entrepreneur on iTunes . Erika is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, Digital Influencer, Podcast Host, YouTuber, Wellness Activist, and Content Creator. 

We met via the online coaching community, friends of friends you know :) And ended up connecting after she started to talk about some of her own health issues. She's a star to talk about this because it's SO HUGE in the entrepreneur community. And there are reason, all the stress - even the good kind can really have an impact on your body. We bonded quickly over healthy food, workouts and everything WELLNESS! Click the pictures below to listen!

Check out our honest conversation about fatigue, food, adrenal health and what you really need to know about burnout and getting your body and ENERGY back! Make sure to follow her podcasts, drop a message and let us both know your thoughts and feedback, and if you know someone who needs this info, pass it along!


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