Hey friend!

Happy Sunday, so I did it again, I put myself on a “plan” a liver cleanse actually and my brain and body didn’t like it. My body of course always responds to foods and plants especially but to be honest. It just made my life WAY harder at a time that I don’t want or need it to be hard.

First let me say that I 100% believe in this liver cleanse (It’s from Liver Rescue by Medical Medium) and it all makes complete sense. Perfect sense. Except more and more I have realized that I don’t do well or even like, in fact I hate someone telling me what I have to eat.

I love freedom to make whatever I want. Also: I already eat like I’m on a liver cleanse pretty much all day everyday. Because I eat real freaking foods. Real ones, plants, and I eat them in the order that I know helps my liver out. I also talk to my liver, I talk to my cells all the time. We’re pretty much good over here :)

So what happened? Maybe it’s something you can recognize. It’s this need to feel like I”m doing SOMETHING or DOING IT BETTER or DOING SOMETHING ‘HARD’ OR DIFFICULT in order to get a good result.

I think this is ravaging so many people’s minds about food all day everyday. This belief that you don’t know enough, that you have to follow someone’s book or plan or cleanse or detox and it has to be one that seems a little bit hard or harder than what you do now so it feels like it CAN WORK.

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

I fell for it too. Even though I have known how to eat for a long long time now. It’s the mean girl voice in my head that wants to say, you’re still not good enough, you need to do better. It can’t be this easy. Do you think you just to have what you want all the time?

Um. YES.

When you forget the truth, you act like a crazy person. Just ask my husband. He said I was no fun all week, that I wasn’t eating (actually I was eating, I just was supposed to eat so much that my stomach hurt and I couldn’t eat dinner) weird problem but true. Actually he said my mood was giving him the middle finger all week. And it was. I WAS.

Because that is not how I’m happy.

I am happy when I eat what i want. It’s so freeing. To be able to pick and choose from all the fun and good things and mix and match them and eat them and like them and that’s basically it. No drama. No plan. Other than, following the formulas and patterns I’ve learned over the years that simply allow me to do this. To be free, to have fun with food and to make anything in a way that I believe in. (tonight I’m making spaghetti and meatballs…all guilt free too)

When you torture yourself in the way you eat, you are not going to get the results you want. It’s not possible because you’re fighting yourself. Your energy is split, one side of you is doing this plan and the other side is saying “I don’t want to!”

So your cells are getting the message I don’t want to. I hate this. I want to eat THAT instead. And so your organs get that message and so your results show up in the form of that message. When it’s supposed to be that you eat how and what you want.

What work there is to do is to remove the fake cravings that tell you you want sh*t food. Because you really don’t or won’t for most of life. And to show you how to eat what you want in the better and beautiful and nutrient dense ways.

That’s when I’m happiest. When I head into lunch thinking what do I want? And I know how to ask my body and how to get the right answers - this matters too! I know that in this STATE OF MIND and not just mind, but STATE OF BEING. That is a WAAAAY better cleanse for my liver than a strict or not even strict but certain diet. Because I feel RELIEF in it. Relief = dropping the battle and dropping the resistance and that is when you are successful.

Find a way that you love you to eat that you FULLY believe in, and you can have whatever you want. It really is simple, and a way happier state to be in.

And if you have no idea how to master this, or don’t know what to believe or who to believe, then please read about Fueled & Focused. This is my how to eat course. It’s eating in a way that is fun and filling and tastes good that will give you full peace of mind. Because there is nothing in it that harms your body physically or energetically. It’s pure, but that doesn’t mean you only drink juices and smoothies and you can’t eat meat or dessert.

This also isn’t about me telling you how to eat just like me. It won’t be. I know many clients who eat differently than i do but it works for them. It’s the basics you have to get and understand. How to get your body to start responding to you and your diet in a functional way that gives IT relief (and you’ll have it too because you’ll finally understand food in a way you’ve never heard before).

If you don’t want to battle yourself anymore, and just know what to do. You get to have the things you want. And learn how to make so many recipes in truly healthier ways.

Also I feel I need to say this:

>>You don’t have to love cooking

>>This doesn’t require hours in the kitchen or being Martha Stewart

>>There are lots of shortcuts LOTS OF THEM

>>You don’t have to meal plan

>>Anyone can do this (and honestly you need to know this) and your kids need you to know this

>>Whatever ‘thing’ is the reason you are stuck right now is move through-able. It just is.

>>I believe this is what everyone needs to know about food, health and eating

We’re also addressing YOUR energy about your health, your results, your beliefs so that you don’t just start another thing and stop it, or move through it half-heartedly or do it without getting anywhere. We are looking at everything.

I’ve changed this to an 8 week session so IMAGINE what your body will do for you in that amount of time. It’s not very long but it’s a huge window for your body’s natural responses.

Live sessions weekly with me. Accountability. From me and the group, loads of recipes, formulas and more. If you were waiting for me to launch this again, jump in with us now. It’s going to be amazing!



Fueled & Focused

PS: do you want me to start a podcast? I’ve gotten a few requests!