A healing crisis

What if you could see your health and body like we see? And like we know? We see it all playing out for you and we know the unconditionalness of your being. You are not simply this body you are not simply a soul, what if you could see your body and it’s not the way you want status - as necessary for you to heal. All the way, for it is certain that healing crises exist.

If you wonder why you used to be well it could be you were assuming that state but with masked fears and uncertainties. It’s not that a condition appears out of nowhere you know this. But that means that it also has to come BACK up for healing. For the physical condition never was all alone. It came through you from somewhere else. From fear, from lack, from distrust and other emotions and feelings. And lies.

But for you to fully heal and be well, all of that has to be let go. And how else could something that is stored in your body be let go other than to come back out through your body?

It has to

This is how we know that the conditions stuck in the body will heal from the head down in the reverse order they first appeared. You do a good job of hiding things. But after a certain amount of time you cannot. It bubbles over. And then it has to bubble back all the way out for true healing to be.

So right now, what if you could embrace this body, this weight, these symptoms as you wanting to fully be free of them, to LET THEM GO all the way, from the memory of your cells, as that is where they are found.

Be an active participant by understanding this. You can’t let go or move on the way you really want to without going tot he root. Not just a quick fix, not just a surface thing, this is going all the way to where the pattern started and making room for something new. So then know that everything changes when this one thing changes. But you aren’t running the same pattern the same mindset, the same thoughts from the same emotions anymore.

These emotions are being released through the physical. It starts around you, in your energy body and then accumulates more and more as you stay in the vibration of love and belief and hope and faith until it saturates your cells.

All that is required to heal your cells is love. Love knows no bounds, love has no restrictions other than you place on it.

So see your body as releasing instead of stuck. It’s here. It's showing you what it has to work with, so you can be an active participant in it’s shedding and eliminating process, or you can fight it. Which really just makes it stay the same.

Stop fighting.

Let go.

See love.

Love your body.

No matter what.

That is what it’s asking for anyways. 💗💗💗