Have your latte and drop the weight too

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Ok you guys,

It’s time to drop the idea that you have to sacrifice eating good things, delicious things, fun things, morning things, dessert things, in order to lose weight.


You don’t.

Consider this your message from the Universe. YOU GET TO EAT WHAT YOU WANT.

I’m here to show you that it’s really actually so darn simple to have it all, to eat it all and have your body be the way you want too.

Some of the common foods people think they will have to GIVE UP FOREVER and therefore have no fun and be eating boring things and sad and therefore never DO IT and never lose the weight:

Starbucks things:

It’s true that these drinks are not organic and yeah they are sprayed, and also most of them are loaded with sugar, but you can still GO to Starbucks, or your favorite coffee shop and get something, even the ‘naughty’ thing you want just not everyday.

Because the point is the everyday part, or the pretty often days part.

You have to be willing to try new things. NOW if you are at home, it’s WAY easier to create the best and most flavorful and delicious lattes, coffees, teas, or if you live in LA you just go somewhere else.

But you can make simple swaps:

Ditch the dairy milk and get coconut or almond

Don’t add sugar or syrup or cream or cool whip on top

Get a plain coffee, or a sugar free latte (not sugar free syrup that’s splenda)

Or a steamer

Or a tea (no sugar)

Or water

Or a banana

You can take your to go cup with your own almond milk in it and have them add coffee.

I do weird things like carry organic liquid stevia in my bag and essential oils like peppermint to make my own concoctions.

I buy Four Sigmatic and that’s my splurge instead of buying a latte from someone else, and I love it, you can check out my lattes and smoothies here on the blog.

Have you tried using a different milk option? Or no sugar? Or stevia? I bet you’ll like it. Just a guess.

Ok next: CARBS of any kind that come in a bag.

You do not have to be free of all crackers, chips, breads, wraps, pizzas, flatbreads, cereals, treats or whatever to lose weight.

It’s just true.

But if you believe that you do, if you believe that eating chips a few times a week is stopping you then it is. And maybe you know inside that you are having too many at once, that counts too, but no food is making you fat. It’s the idea that food has this much power over us losing weight that is making it real.

I personally love eating almond flour crackers, Siete chips, Siete wraps, gluten free toasts once in awhile, paleo bread, grain free chips, etc. But IF I sit down and eat the whole bag that’s different than eating them like a little bit.

When you ban these foods from your life you want them more. You make them something to crave. You make them bad, and then you go for it again because you think it’s the last time. You get to decide how to eat, and how to lose the weight too.

If it feels easier to just eat all whole foods for a few weeks then do that. But look at it this way, you are CHOOSING TO DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. Not because you are being punished, have to sacrifice or can’t ever have those foods again.

PS this above - takes mental practice.

You can make easy simple swaps.

You can eliminate it all if you want.

You can lose weight while eating it in a balanced way.

Any option is an option.

But you have to get that you have that power, and you have to work it with your beliefs.

Personally, I’ve come to the point where I believe as long as I don’t eat a bag of chips or crackers at night I’m all good, oh and for me wine, because wine makes me so hungry so then I eat all the snacks. And since I”m on the sober curious wagon now, it’s really easy.

I drink lattes (I love how I make them, they aren’t just not bad, they are good)

I like snacks (I pick good ones)

I like cauliflower pizza and gluten free bread with marinara

I like salmon

I like turkey burgers

I like mostly plants

I like it all

I don’t like dairy, soy, many grains, sugar, cake, candy, cheese or cheese flavored anything

You get to pick your meals and diet from the variety of real foods you like the most. It has to be this way, you simple need to detach such importance of every single thing you eat from the pounds on your body.

You eat food to live. To like it. To enjoy it. And you decide the body you want too.

So I simply learned how to use a lot of plants, I found workouts I love, I love to move, I drink a lot of water, and yeah that’s about it.

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind, it’s running the entire show.

Ask yourself:

>>What foods do think make me fat? or make me gain weight?

>>What foods that I eat that I think contain some not so healthy ingredients could I try to make or have in a healthier way?

>>What if I could eat all that I like and be at my ideal weight?

>>What comes up when I answer the question above? there’s your work.

Dig in. And start swapping and let yourself have the latte or the dessert or the cocktail if you want it.

These are your rules, you just have to believe in them.


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