Are you missing out on this VIBRATION upgrade?

So we all know about frequency and vibration in creating the outcomes, or manifestations we want in life. Another way vibration is ‘worded’ or translated by a great teacher I follow is that your vibration is your ‘worthiness’ which is very important when you want to create something new and better and it’s the same when it comes to your health, your body just like your money or business.

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Wherever you are at right now in your physical journey, there is and always will be a higher level, more abundant version of health, an even better expansive position, feeling, outcome or energy level for you. Seems crazy to think about because so many of us, I’d say almost everyone out there has something - some THING they don’t like, or don’t want or don’t feel good about in their body and that takes up so much focus and attention that too many people just don’t even ever get beyond that to have the space to even think about how to make it better and better.

And that’s why I want to talk about how you can instantly and immediately create a better position for your body, your physical self, your soul’s house essentially with the way that you eat. It sort of drives me crazy when I see entrepreneur’s posting about being addicted to sugar more laughingly than really wanting to change it. Or not even paying attention to how they eat, like forgetting to eat, or just having coffee, or grabbing something quick and fast which is usually processed these days and then not realizing how HUGE of an impact that this has on their body, therefore their vibration, therefore energy.

It goes like this:

***No attention to foods, lack of foods, processed foods, stimulants, sugar, alcohol = dull, dampened and hard to focus****

****PURE FOODS, real foods, PLANT foods are naturally, inherently, high vibrational foods = lighter, faster, calmer, clearer, focused, cleansed****

And so what?

What happens in option 1 vs. 2?

Well everything.

I was going back and looking at the times in my life when I “manifested” or created or called in some of the biggest things in my life:

  • My husband

  • My biggest month in business

  • My baby

There was an interesting thread through them all, of course there was because FOOD is my TOOL in health, creation and helping my clients to transform their physical bodies.

In all cases, I was healthy, fit, eating well, that’s been going on for a long time now, but specifically low or no sugar and that also meant little or zero alcohol.

It’s NON-negotiable that the way you eat literally affects you, your body, your mind and because of this, your entire life. What goes into your cells is the basis for how your body functions (or doesn’t) and how you feel (good, bad, and all levels on the vibrational scale) and while it’s normal and fine to feel sad, bad and not happy all the time, don’t think you need to be doing that…..but on the day to day, HOW does your body and physicality influence how YOU feel?

When you remove certain foods from your body your vibration WILL RAISE. IT ALWAYS DOES.

Now you can dampen it by your attitude and beliefs and stress but it’s always the first place to start because of this 100% affect.

No matter what you want to create newer, different, better, more of in your life, look at your food, what do you need more of? Less of? None of?

If you don’t know then try this. In each moment before you eat something, ask yourself, does this reflect me and my worthiness or my lack of worthiness? This will get your attention and help you focus on making a better choice, one that WORKS in and for your body.

Everything is fluid and constantly moving, so if and when your body doesn’t reflect this whole, healthy state of health that you want, it means that something is off with the way you are eating and consuming foods AND the way you see/perceive them AND likely what you know about shifting your food patterns to ALLOW a healing or health or body transformation.

Remember you are energy! That means you can always change, or UPGRADE anything you want. Your body is the FIRST place to begin.

Once I started understanding foods, eating, the systems of the body and how energy in foods and in us pairs together everything became so much more simple. You have so much power to influence this body of trillions of cells that you are. Never forget that. And never forget that FOOD IS your tool but we can’t neglect the energetic side of the equation.

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Food always influences. It’s always going to be part of our lives so it’s time to understand it, understand our bodies and let it be EASY.

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