Let's talk about plant NOODLES!


When you want a lighter and more purposeful pasta, because the regular old refined kind is basically #pointless 
My top plant 🌱 pastas:
* Spaghetti squash 
* Kelp noodles 
* Zucchini noodles 
* Shirataki noodles 
*Cucumber noodles
*Carrot noodles
All can be used in warm recipes, and the kelp and shirataki work well on cold pasta recipes too!

It's really nice you can buy so many varieties pre-made today and of course spiral some at home too with a simple tool.

Here's one way I use each of the above:

Spaghetti squash: in the oven, with garlic, salt, oregano then mix with marinara or stewed tomatoes, add in fresh spinach

Kelp: in my seafood soup, or asian veggie soup

zucchini noodles fork.JPG

Zucchini: sauteed in olive oil, with salt, oregano and marinara

Shirataki: mixed into soup or in place of my kelp noodles

Cucumber: raw salad with red onions, rice vinegar, citrus, coconut aminos

Carrot noodles: Sauteed with mushrooms or just plain with greens mixed in and primal kitchen dressing

Which ones do you use? Any of these?

There are more i haven't even listed. I'm breaking all of this down in just one tiny part of the cooking food formulas of Fueled & Focused with recipes for EACH kind, how it's best used, where to find it, how it cooks best and flavors to pair it with.

Pasta is definitely NOT off limits, it’s just so much better for your body when you can lighten it up and make it purposeful for your body!

Everything you want to know about plant based cooking and eating so you finally know how to eat for your health in a way that is sustainable forever!

What’s your favorite plant pasta noodle?!!

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