Can it REALLY be that EASY?

I’m talking about you and food. Your health. Your body. You knowing what to do, what you need, what your body REQUIRES and is actually right now asking of you. AND then the getting to where you want to be, which I’m assuming, is at PEACE with food, your body AND health.

It is TRUE that your body is telling you what is happening inside. It’s also telling you what you think, what you believe, what you expect and what it needs from you. Don’t worry if you feel like this might be a foreign language, this is actually part of the learning curve, and don’t worry, I speak FOOD LOL.

To me what it means to have it easy is TO KNOW. To KNOW that what you are doing is working, will work and will keep you SAFE, keep you WELL, get you healthier, and allow your own body to then get you to your transformation that you do also want.

The truth is, that the way you will eat, and the things you will do “to get to this new body and state of health,” will be the SAME as when you are there. This is why it’s so silly to think you actually have to go and do or find some strange, restrictive crazy in the head plan to drop weight, to slim down, to break your sugar addiction or to ‘get healthy.’ The way to get healthy is to be healthy now, and that simply requires learning how this all works.

Check out my latest video on how I teach and coach on food and health so that it IS and DOES become simple and clear and easy for you, so that you know food, you get it, and then you also get to learn the intricacies of who you are, what you need and how to get to this place you really want, which is ease, which is that too good to be true place where you don’t TRY anything to get healthier, to lose this weight, you are DONE trying because you KNOW.

First we have to break the brainwashing that it’s hard, or confusing or must just SUCK. Let me know what you think, and remember that Fueled & Focused is starting this week! My LIVE 6 week plant based eating group coaching program, where I show you the system, the actual ways that foods work, so you can stop thinking about this, you can feel BETTER, you can SEE your body change and LIKE the way you eat. Not forcing things, not struggling, just learning and unlearning all the old myths and lies and just plainly seeing what food and your body is actually all about.

>>Learn the food formulas that will introduce you to all kinds of creative possibilities when you are making your lunches and dinners

>>Start using WAY more vegetables and fruits, so that it IS easier to know what to do, how to put things together because NOW you have #options 

>>Get practice on these formulas with ME and the group week to week so you have cooking homework and a grocery list to practice with

>>Understand what you are looking for, how to shop faster, smarter and take LESS time so you always have a fully stocked kitchen and even if you don't you STILL will have something you can make and yes likely in less than 15 minutes

>>KNOW that you are healthy, safe, and doing what your body wants and get your power back when it comes to getting the results you want

>>Have accountability with shopping, cooking, breaking up with sugar, making this work for your family and finding your FIRST and next steps to make the biggest progress the fastest.

Come have fun, learn to eat in a way you love and yes fit into your skinny jeans :)