COOK with me and win a prize!

Food of the Week.png

I'm so excited!

I'm starting a monthly challenge and contest where you can win a prize in my FB group to get you guys COOKING the PLANTS!

* Follow along each week in my group/on You Tube (must be a member of Food Rebels (JOIN HERE NOW) and subscribed on my You Tube channel subscribe here.

* Make at LEAST one of the recipes I create for you each week with the high vibe food of the week

* Take a picture of the recipe you made and share it.

>> You get an entry for sharing on EACH social media platform and use the hashtag #foodrebeleats and TAG me @jodi.bullock on IG or here on FB or my biz page. (just share in your stories not on your feed on IG unless you want to!)

>>For each person you add to my group (without force lol) you get an entry (share this post as well!)

>>DOUBLE BONUS POINTS if your picture has your KIDS eating the food of the week!

* PRIZE: a 500mL BKR water bottle of your choice - I'll send it to your doorstep and then you can be super cute drinking out of it all the time πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

To enter for SEPTEMBER:

Make one of my eggplant recipes from this past week
Buy your carrots (see post in my group) for next week and we'll keep going from there!

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I’m cooking and coaching you in all you need to know in how to make plant based cooking so easy, simple and fun so that you get the results of effortless health. That means, feeling AMAZING, looking AMAZING, glowing from the inside out and knowing you are doing the simple things it takes to be healthy always.

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