Do you have to gain weight in order to get pregnant?

You have to gain weight if you want to have a baby.

True? Or another 'rule' that the industry tells you about you, your life, your body and it's potential for doing things.

There ARE no rules in any of this.

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I was told this rule by drs, and even my acupuncturist. But the real truth was, it wasn't my weight that was the issue, my whole body was NOT on board with getting pregnant.

Look around at what you see other people accomplishing and let it be evidence for you:

I just saw on my e-news ticker that one of the Victoria Secret models is having her second baby. Is she considered thin? I'd say so.

I have had numerous clients at my pilates studio who would be considered thin and easily got pregnant. Your weight isn't the issue, it's what your body is capable of doing that is the issue.

I've had so many people tell me that they can't run if they want to get pregnant, they have to start eating things they don't want to eat, and must gain weight.

this is a blanket statement told to you by people who are not seeing the whole big picture. Are there instances where people are unsafely underweight? sure, but that was never my situation or the situation of people I have talked to going through fertility issues, it's a 'thing' that you're told so there is a reason instead of a true response of: I don't really know what is the matter or how to help you .

Weight is a side effect.
Your hormones can work at various weights.
Eating things you aren't in alignment with eating isn't the answer.
Not working out is not the answer.
Giving up things you love is not the answer.
Eating more fat (nuts, seeds, protein, etc) is not always the answer.

If you have hormone imbalances we need to see what your thyroid, gut and adrenals are doing, and even your liver because it's job is to process the excess hormones and get rid of them.

If these things are out of balance, then more fat without addressing the bigger picture of your diet is not the single answer or even the right answer.

I know it can be confusing, I know it's overwhelming, but you have to see that your body is unique, and there is more to getting pregnant than how much you weigh, or what your workout is, or if you need to eat cashews.

I can help you see what the real issues ARE. 
And how to infuse your body with the right foods and diet to shift the internal issues with love and care.

You still get to be you.
You still get to feel good.
You don't have to get uncomfortable in your body to get pregnant.
You actually need to feel really good, so it's about how to get you to that place in the best, healthiest way.


Apply to work with me in my Baby Body Ready program if you want to really see and know what your body is telling you it needs.