What I spent shopping online vs in the store at Costco

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I believe online food delivery is the BEST! It's so so nice and convenient for anyone, especially when you're busy, working, or have little kids, or you live where it's cold sometimes and you really don't want to freeze your fingers off out there. let alone carry heavy bags of food to and from your car.


Recently I started ordering groceries online at Costco and a couple other stores for delivery and have loved everything about it, they text you while they shop so you can get replacements or just get refunded, it's super simple. But one of my group members messaged me about how she heard the cost was different for online so today I checked it out. I went back to the old method of Costco shopping ( have my nanny go while Dalton naps) and compared the items from in the store to online. 

Here's what I found:

(O) = online

(S) = in the store

Organic Frozen Peas: (O): $8.09; (S): $6.59

Organic individual hummus: (O): $7.99; (S): $6.49

Organic individual guacamole: (O): $17.09; (S): $13.99 like whoa nelly

Organic Bartlett pears: (O): ; (S): $7.99

Organic greed seedless grapes: (O): $9.79;  (S): $7.99

Organic Power Greens: (O): $7.39; (S): $5.99

Organic frozen mangoes: (S): $9.99 (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE OH NO!)

Organic bananas: (O): $2.49; (S): $1.99

Organic skinny pop: (O): $7.49; (S): $5.99

Organic fresh spinach: (O): $6.09; (S): $4.49

Simple Mills Almond crackers (the big box): (S): $8.99 (NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE) but usually around $5-6 for a small box at other locations

So the grand total difference was: 

$66.42 online vs. $53.52 in the store BUT things you need to consider:

  • Not everything I wanted was available online so it would mean missing out on certain food items, like frozen mangos, etc. Not a huge deal but when you KNOW what mangoes do in your body and how they can literally shift your emotions into feeling happy - that is a powerful cost.
  • These are both before tax
  • Online delivery fee + tip: you can pay per delivery which is usually about $5.99 OR get a year long membership to Instacart (which I did) because duh I'll use it way more to make it pay for itself, and the labor. So you can tip the lovely people that love to grocery shop for you OR pay your babysitter or nanny their hourly rate (which is more than a tip) or get your kid to go for you for free :)

Overall, the prices aren't THAT big of a difference to take away the ease of life factor for me at least. I will still go to Costco when I feel like *if I feel like, or want to get out of the house. Or if I want to look at some new products.

But I will not go in a snow storm, in the rain, in the freezing cold, when I have Dalton with me, or when I just would rather be working or doing something else. I think it's a great service to take advantage of. 

AND if you are trying to eat more organic and want to save money then go to the store yourself! Do what you can, with what you have with where you are! Do whatever it takes to be healthier, eat healthier and eat real food. That's what you have to think about the most for yourself.

Take that into consideration and geez louise Costco why does organic guacamole have to cost $17??!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Leave me a comment! And if you haven't tried Instacart, use my link to save $10 on your first order!