Do you trust yourself to be able to eat ANYTHING YOU WANT?

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And it wasn’t always like this. It took understanding what food IS, what food DOES and knowing what my body and all human bodies WANT from and of food. And it took releasing the belief that I have to be in complete control with what and how I eat and that was all there was to my outcomes, my results, my body shape, size and feelings.

But that’s not true. There is way more going on here than you eating pizza for dinner or the ‘perfect’ kale salad to influence your body and health. And that IS what you are. You are an influencer. You are an influencer with your choices and habits and selections but you are also an energetic body which means there’s more than how you eat that counts and adds up to what your body is and feels and looks like right now today.

Today I can truly say I eat whatever I want. And I love it. I eat real foods all the time, all day long and can’t get enough of them, sometimes I wish I was hungrier so I could pick and choose more things. Like there isn’t enough meals in the day to eat all the yummy options up.

I love being in this place. Mostly because I feel so RELIEVED and DETACHED. I used to judge everything I ATE. Oh you ate yogurt and fruit? Ok but take a point away because you put granola on it. Oh you had a salad for lunch - ok then you can be in a good mood and feel happy about yourself. Oh you ate a whole bag of pretzels after dinner?? YOU SUCK and have ruined everything so tomorrow get up and run 10 miles.

EWWWW. This was my life. And it never stopped, imagine how happy I really was inside when I would be worried every time I ate if I did it right? Because who really even knew what the rules were?

Well - the rules were the ones I made up for myself in my mind. What I THOUGHT I had to do to be good enough and to be good enough to have results that I wanted.

That’s such a crock.

That’s nowhere NEAR how this really works you know. Here IS how it works:

You’re a human, you have trillions of cells and organs and tissues in your body that require nutrients to do their thing, and help you live, not die, be well, cleanse, digest and on and on.

Therefore you must eat FOOD.

Not cheesepuffs, not fruit roll ups, not Fruity Pepples, not Diet Mt Dew, not loads of donuts and sugar, not straight up acidic coffee all day.

FOOD. Real colorful high energy food.

That’s a fact. Your body runs on it. So when you know this and get this, it’s like wow! That’s so simple. So I just need to eat food? YES you just need to eat food (not fake food).

Ok glad that’s clear.

Now, how much pressure you put on yourself about how much fruit or how much protein, or is this enough protein or should I count macros or carbs or or or is going to drive you crazy. Unless you really like that sort of thing. I’m just here to tell you - you don’t have to do any of that.

Eating plant based means you can’t mess it up. Because you’re in constant motion of giving value and nutrients to your body and cells, and that’s what they want. And then your desires about what preferences you have count and ARE your plan.

Maybe you like steak, maybe you love smoothies, maybe you love kale chips, maybe you like seafood, maybe you don’t. Cool. Fine. You still get to be healthy and have the results you want.

Within eating real foods and lots of plants you get to pick, you get to choose and what you like to do and want to do IS what you’re supposed to be doing!


I just ate lunch: leftover roasted broccoli. leftover roasted zucchini, all dipped in marinara, then I ate two pieces of Julien Bakery bread with cool whip and bananas. Now I”m drinking an iced mushroom coffee latte. Somedays I eat huge salads for lunch, sometimes I eat lots of protein. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter, I go with my gut.

And the way I can do that, is because I trust myself, my instincts and my knowing about food and my body. I get it, and I get how my body works, and what it’s asking me for at any given time.

When you trust in food and you trust that real food is enough, you really can be in the place where you eat whatever you want. This also comes with knowing and understanding that health, and the body you desire is what you’re meant to have. Your desired outcomes are what you are supposed to be going after.

Doesn’t that feel like relief? It does to me. Knowing that what I want, wants me back. And that is what I’m supposed to be having, it’s for the greater good. Of YOU, of the people in your family, all your relationships, your relationship to yourself and the world. All of your desires are real and to be trusted, especially your health and your body. Your orders are to go after them.

And you do that while taking good care of yourself and doing what is in alignment for you to be there and have those aspects of health. My role is to show you how, and what your current body systems mean. So that it’s easy for you to understand all of this. How what you eat does influence your physical body, cells and organs and allow you to move forward. And how there isn’t anything you have to give up.

You can’t NOT get there just because you eat a cupcake. Or because you like meat. Or anything. You have to shift though, and know you get to have what you want, and then do the work, eat the things that make sense practically, physically and energetically to help you become that person with the new created body and health.

I want you to know what it feels like to be able to have such freedom around food, to let it be what it is, nourishing, and fun and delicious and here to help you not hurt you or make you confused.

How to be healthy is to make friends with food, to get it to understand it so you and IT are not battling or fighting and you get along forever. You really do get to choose, what you want for your body and your health. And food is a necessary aspect of how you get there.

I’m taking private clients for this 6 week intensive 1:1 coaching package to help show you how you can look at food and KNOW you are healthy, that you are doing enough that you don’t have to struggle with knowing you are taking care of yourself AND you can also get lasting results in your body and lose the weight.

It really takes breaking down all the old patterns and habits of what we did with food or thought about it, and making new rules. Learning how it’s always supporting you. Even right now, no matter what the state of your body is, your body and food are always working to help you.

This 2 month package is for you if you’re the mom who feels overwhelmed about all the trends, all the fads, and doesn’t know what or who to believe anymore. You just want it to be easy and someone to explain it all to you in a way that resonates. And you know you need to make changes so that you can feel like yourself again, first for YOU, and then because you are the best version of yourself when you do that.

For your partner, your kids, your career, your friends, everything.

You know you have to be the example and the role model to show your family how it’s done but first you need to have it down for yourself, and feel strong and certain about what you’re doing. You HAVE TO FOCUS on yourself FIRST. Otherwise you’ll keep being drained by everyone else. How you eat, and how you take care of yourself is NOT selfish, it’s what you MUST BE DOING.

You being and feeling the best is how you are the most helpful to everyone else. I wouldn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of me taking care of myself and my nutrition. I couldn’t exist without it.

We’re focusing on you and making this happen for you consistently. No diets. Just real food, real understanding and real focus on breaking down old beliefs and mindsets that have kept you in the same place or not getting where you want to be (really want to be).

And then as it’s easier and easier for you, we will work on shifting the health and food environment of your entire family. Because this matters, and I know you know that it does.

6 weeks, 1:1 with me

2 calls/month

unlimited messenger support

Access to Fueled & Focused

Investment: $5000


2 x $2700

This is open until April 5th so message me now!

Remember, everything is connected.

Jodi :)