What do you WANT to eat?

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What do you WANT to eat?

You do know that you're writing the rules right?

The food rules, and all the rules.

You actually CAN create a diet that you love to eat and that allows you to have the healthy body you want.

It's LOT easier when you can look at food from a perspective of health and literally what your cells want from YOU but you can absolutely write your own food rules.

You have them right now even if you've never heard of this before.

It's what you believe about food and yourself and your body.

Dairy is bad.

Too much dressing is too many calories and makes me gain weight.

I can't eat bread or I'll gain a pound instantly.

Butter in your coffee is the best thing ever.

Coffee is the worst thing ever.

Butter is the worst thing ever.

I love butter.

You get the idea....

Everyone believes differently.

And you get to decide what to believe. AND

It helps to know and understand what your body IS TELLING you and communicating to you via your current shape/symptoms and feelings and state of health and fitness.

Because foods are alive - well real foods are alive and communicate right back.

So you can make this way easier on yourself by matching up what your body wants, with how YOU WANT to feel and lining up with it.

And then writing it out.

What does your ideal food life look like?

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Mine looks like how I eat.

I literally eat whatever I want. And I also eat real foods mostly.

I just ate coconut cool whip again so I'm not a perfectionist. I dipped a yummy larabar in it and it's soooo good.

I wrote my rules.

I can and do eat whatever I want and I'm always healthy.

I love food and food loves me.

My cells crave plants and I love to feed them to them.

I love smoothies, and fruit and they light me up and make me feel amazing.

I am easy about food. I know my body is strong and healthy and resilient and can handle whatever I eat.

I love to cook, and create recipes.

It's so easy to know how and what to eat.

My cells clearly communicate to me what they want through my desires.

You can write out rules like this and just write out how you want to feel around food and your body and health and you're closer to it than before you did this.

Because food is energy it RESPONDS to you. And your cells respond to YOU. And your energy, your emotions and to food.

This is all energy.

It's about matching you up with the foods that your body wants and needs to get you to your desires for your body, and shifting anything inside of you that's keeping you from getting there.

Since you literally are writing the rules...what new rules do you choose now?

Do you love looking at and thinking about food and health like this?

My 6 week Soul Fed sessions are open now!

1:1 with me for 6 weeks/2 months to help you figure out YOUR new relationship with food.

Daily check ins morning and night for accountability and so that I can help you maintain and create the momentum you need to make this all so much easier

>>What your body is asking for.

>>How to create a doable plant based diet for you or you and your family that is maintainable for life.

>>How to be able to eat what you want and get results.

>>What's behind your symptoms, low energy, weight and how to feed your body with the right foods and mindset to move forward for good.

>>Clarity around what to actually do day to day to day to build momentum and gain confidence and certainty around you having the body you want.

The healthy way.

The sustainable way.

The energetic way.

This isn't a food plan.

We are creating your plan, your relationship with food and health and bringing it to life based on who you are and what you need.

I'm so excited!

Message me if you want a spot.

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