Do you want to be SAFE or SUCCEED?

I don’t want to be safe. I want to SUCCEED.


When I want to connect to what’s going on inside me and therefore everyone else around me, reading what I write and connected to my energy, I simply close my eyes, get quiet and tune in.

I saw a ball and chain, coming straight of my gut, it was black like on those all cartoons. And it said to me, “I’m holding you back.”


I was like yeah - i KNOW.


But there’s more to a thing that holds you back when it keeps hanging around. It has a purpose, it has a voice, it has a LESSON.


And it’s holding onto you because you don’t see it yet. Your ball and chain is your vice, the THING that if only was poof - gone, you would feel free, so differently and are certain that without your life would be so much better, and easier.


Sometimes it’s food, it’s sugar, it’s wine, it’s over-eating, it’s what takes you out and down. And then you stay the same. It’s the trigger that you haven’t been able to overcome yet, and it’s because you can’t overcome it. You have to go through it.


You have to see it for all that it is, and see how it’s keeping you SAFE.


It might feel completely opposite of this, like it’s ruining your life, not helping you. But be sure that it is, otherwise, this ‘thing’ that is so obvious to you, and is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are reading this is doing something for you. It’s helping you in some way, or else you would have left it on the curb a long time ago.


Our THINGS we hate are keeping us safe.


But do you want to be SAFE or SAFELY THE SAME? Or do you want to SUCCEED?


Because unless it goes, you will stay the same.

And remember it’s not going to go until you decide that it must.

And that means you have to hear what it’s really about.

Do you really think that you’ll never have any fun if you can’t eat sugar? Or do you think that you’ll really miss out on things without that food or drink?

Sometimes it’s not a physical thing, it’s a belief thing that shows up like doubt, hopelessness, worry, and let’s be real all of this is fear.


Fear of going forward.


Fear of what happens, who you are, where you’ll go, what you’ll do, and what it all looks like when you get there.


So the THING keeps you safe, because at least then, you are the SAME.

The same is familiar.

And sadly, keeps too many SAFE but what you really want is NOT TO BE SAFE.

You want what you want.


You want to be HEALTHY.

You want to be HAPPY.

You want to be INSPIRED.

You want to be FULL of LIFE.


So to really cut that chain (with a chainsaw so it’s really broken) you likely need to sit. And look at it. And talk to it. And ask it what it wants you to know.


Instead of keeping on trying to “fix” this thing by just not doing it, eating it, having it, thinking it and all that follows from that.


Stop and listen and really hear the answer, and then you will know WHY it has hung on so long. And then you can truly decide, whether you want to allow it to stay, or to let it fall off of you, fully broken and removed so you can now swiftly and easily RUN into what you want.


The healthy body.

The happier relationship.

The career you love.

The future that is the scary UNFAMILIAR but also freaking AMAZING.


I’ve made my decision. Have you?

Also - as I’m realizing my emotional wave as my human design authority I am fully aware that sometimes my messages are happy high highs and sometimes come from a low as this one did, but that’s the beauty of life as a human, it all matters, it all counts and we cannot have the light without the dark. So before I judge myself to not post this because I should rather just give you another pretty recipe, here it is.

lots of love,