I'm chatting with Michelle Knight on the Free to Be podcast today!

My latest appearance in podcast land just went LIVE today!

I chatted with my friend Michelle Knight on her Free To Be podcast, I met Michelle in a coaching mastermind and we worked together for a hot minute on her digestion so it was really fun to catch up and see how she's doing and also share about how I choose to free and BE a Food Rebel when it comes to how I look at food, eat, and feed myself and my family.

In this episode we talk:

  • About my fertility issues and how we brought Dalton into the world

  • How to push back and question what you've been taught when it comes to how to lead a healthier life

  • What to do when you want to make diet changes but feel lost

All amazing topics, I hope you listen in and find it valuable, listen now right here, and leave us a comment about the episode! Also follow Michelle here on Instagram because I'm doing an Instagram Takeover on Friday and sharing more tips and another day in my life!