Greek Salmon Salad - what I order the MOST when eating out!

Last night we went out with friends to an Italian restaurant and I ordered a greek salmon salad, this is my go-to order and I’m going to give you all the details right now about how/why/what exactly I do and ask for!

Greek salads USUALLY have the MOST veggies of all other salad options

You’re looking for a veggie dense dish and greek salads usually have greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and really good ones also have artichokes, capers and olives!

Salads with dried fruit, tons of nuts (especially candied aka sugar) and cheese are not really healthy options.

They usually have FETA CHEESE

I don’t do dairy, but I also don’t flip out at some feta here and there. At home I get vegan cheese, but feta is way easier to digest than anything from a cow. Usually feta cheese comes from goats or sheep. Goat’s milk products are much easier on the gut, when I worked with my food sensitivity testing clients, goats milk/cheese products were pretty easy for them (when added in the right way) so if you are just looking to make healthier choices and don’t have intense digestive stuff happening right now - it’s ok. BUT ask for light cheese, sometimes it’s just LOADED on!

Add Salmon

I don’t know why but restaurants just seem to have a nice touch when preparing salmon :) I’m still mastering it in my kitchen! But wild caught salmon is one of the easier well sourced proteins to find when you’re out and about in the world and of course a good source of healthy fat. The nice thing about greek salads though is they pair very nicely with chicken, shrimp, salmon, most all of the basics that are offered.

Dressing on the side

I do ask for this because MOST times the dressings have sugar in them. One dead giveaway: they are super thick. Last night’s dressing was a prime example. It looked like a gel. A true vinaigrette will be really fluid and also shouldn’t be just a bunch of oil with a little vinegar. It should be balanced with herbs (dried or fresh, a good olive oil, and vinegar) Do what you like but the dressings are the place where you can sort of undo all the good you just did by ordering well.

Ask for avocado

Avocado is the universal fruit isn’t it? So good for chips, veggies, a dressing, whatever you want it to be, it will be it for you :) You can use avocado for your dressing to create some creaminess. And honestly I usually don’t need any dressing, even if there isn’t avocado, because the flavors of a properly mixed salad will just melt together and if there are capers and olives, it’s even better.

Order extra veggies:

You don’t have to do this, but I always ask what veggies do you have available to steam? This is a smart way to ask the question because you imply that of course they do have SOMETHING they can steam even if it’s snap peas! Most restaurants will have broccoli, or broccolini, or asparagus. NOTE: if you order asparagus they usually give you like four little spears which HELLO is not very much, they obviously do not know how much I eat. My husband ordered steamed brussel sprouts and he got a huge plateful and I got my few spears of asparagus.

** ALSO**

Sometimes the veggies they have come prepackaged with BUTTER or seasonings. The waiter/waitress should know this and tell you, but if your order comes out with yellow buttery drippings on the plate you will know why. So if you have a dairy intolerance, or sensitivity or an absolute I CANNOT eat dairy situation then tell them nicely upfront.

I do always like to ask and mention I am gluten free/dairy free just so that they get used to hearing it like ALL THE TIME from customers and can get the hint that this is a big deal not going anywhere.

I had leftover salmon (ok my pregnant girlfriend gave me hers because it triggered her reflux) lucky me! So I made my own Greek Salmon Salad for lunch today:


greek salmon salad 3.JPG
  • 1/2 package organic arugula

  • handful frozen artichoke hearts, steamed

  • Capers

  • Tomatoes

  • Salt

  • Avocado

  • Grilled salmon

  • Black pitted olives, sliced

That’s basically it! Steam the artichokes, toss it together, you can also squeeze lemon juice over the top to brighten the flavors a bit!

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