Does fasting work for healing the gut?


Short answer YES.
Because a bloated belly, unhealthy digestive system is asking for SPACE. Space to clean things up, to move out toxins, to clean up the crud and basically play catch up from all the stuff that it hasn't had time to get rid of.

It's sort of like your gut needs Marie Kondo. 
You need to get rid of things to create for space for things to flow.

Fasting works because when you don't eat FOOD your gut doesn't have to break anything down.


It is still ON. Your body and its systems never TURN OFF.

So when you don't eat, and you simply drink clean filtered water you are providing time and space for the digestive system to clean itself out. It's moving, it's turning and scrubbing and using the water to help flush things away and ELIMINATE them.

This doesn't mean however that fasting works well for everyone.

It's IN YOUR HUMAN DESIGN. The chart that tells all the details about you from the moment you were born, where the stars were in the sky, it's IN THERE whether you are BUILT for fasting or not.

On your chart, it's the top LEFT ARROW that refers to digestion. Whether you digest life directly or passively. Here's what I learned from one of my human design teachers:

Arrow 1: This arrow has to do with digestion, and not just of food, but of information. This arrow tells you how you digest life, how you learn, how you absorb information from the world around you.

If this points to the LEFT ← you actively digest life.
You crave structure and consistency. You do well with eating consistently, having a structured meal schedule and you probably want to avoid fasting. You feel supported when you have a routine, when you know what the next step is.
You are a consistent person. Patterns and structure support you living your best life.

If this arrow points to the RIGHT → you passively digest life.
You despise structure! You want the freedom to not be tied town by a routine. You crave variety.

You don’t need to eat the same way every day. If you are craving several small snacks one day, eat that. If you need two meals one day, eat that. You can fast if you feel like it and it may naturally happen just as you are eating differently day to day.

Check out my chart arrows below!

jodi HD chart.jpg

You can see on my chart in the picture that my top left arrow points to the RIGHT. And I passively digest life. And it's super true. I never eat at the same time. I just eat when I want to or feel like it. I do FINE with fasting, but it's funny because it's not even on purpose it's just what my body is calling me to do naturally and organically.

And that's what it will be like for you when you eat and live in your body and health in alignment.

NOW I have more to say on this!

FASTING does work for situations that require it. And I believe that you can incorporate fasting into either type/design when you know what you're doing.

There are endless methods of fasting. 
Don't eat for 16 hours.
Eat between 1-9pm
Stop eating after dinner and eat lunch the next day.
8 hours, 9 hours, 10, ......

THE point is:
They are all doing the same thing: Giving your gut a break for an extended amount of time.

So you can use fasting no matter who you are. 
Let's say your arrow points to the left and you like structure.

No big deal.
Just eat your dinner earlier. (let me tell you since Dalton goes to school sometimes he and I eat at like 5:30!) Eat earlier and stop eating after dinner.

Then sip on water/herbal tea until bed. You are not moving as much at the end of the day, and you are giving your body time and space to be done digesting SO THAT your body can do the other things it wants to do for you all night long, such as: LIVER DETOX.

If you eat late at night, or too much too late, your body HAS TO deal with your food before it can get to the liver. and so it is limited in it's efforts for you.

So eat early. THEN. Push your breakfast back a little bit. Not the whole morning, but a little bit, and just in that, right there, you have created a NEW SPACE. Something different, something new, so that your body can now respond, differently and better than before.

If you have adrenal fatigue. DO NOT FAST. Unless it's just not eating overnight. You must eat snacks every few hours to heal your adrenals, so that's another story but often people can have digestive issues AND adrenal issues together so you want to know how to work with them together.

I feel like this should be a video! So post your questions below if you have them!

AND this is why healing your gut is SO IMPORTANT. It is letting energy flow or no.

It's creating so much more ease in your body for all other things to work well, or NOT.

And you want to know how to heal YOURS so that you do what you need to do, to finally and fully give your gut a break while you eat in a way that works for YOU.

While you eat foods that work IN CONJUNCTION with the healing process and don't slow it down.

I'd love to have you join me in TRUST YOUR GUT if you are dealing with bloating, digestive issues of any kind, or feel like your body isn't responding to your healthy eating.


Let's find them out and let your body bust through any slow down slug and move it out. You have things to do, feeling good to feel, clothes to wear, and a life to live.

Don't be slowed down by your stomach, gas, bloating or feeling stuck in your body.

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