I just read something that said 65% of people under age 50 are confident in their doctor's advice.

And then that NO nutrition education is required to become a physician. Sure, some get some, but it's their choice and most of the classes are in reference to clinical work.

That's exactly how it was when I was a dietitian and when I was studying to become one. At the time, I thought I was doing the BEST thing ever to be able to help you know how to eat. To know what to do, but I was wrong, a degree, a label some letters behind my name was not it for me, I know there are some really good dietitians out there, but here's what was always off for me.

I was taught how to MANAGE disease.

No where ever did they teach or preach this:


You can HEAL.


It was about food for managing this or that. And at the time I didn't question it, why? Because I didn't have to.

After all, I wasn't sick, so I didn't have to worry about it. I didn't have any health issues, I was fine, so I went about my way, driving to school day after day, packing my lunch which sure had veggies and all but i also packed my Diet Pepsi, I even drank it in my classes!

My last year I remember taking Edy's slow churned grand light ice cream IN THE CAR to eat while I drove to my labs!

I didn't NEED to know any more until I DID.

Until my own body started to short circuit.

I get what it feels like to be out of control.

Out of control of your own health is the scariest thing I have ever experienced.

Your body doing things that hurt, that don't feel good, that are painful.

Stomach aches, sharp pains, bloating, not being able to eat anything and still being bloated no matter what.

Weight gain, just feeling so INFLAMED.

My body felt like it was SWOLLEN.

I remember crying on my laundry room floor to my sister asking how did I get here?

And these exact words:

"I just want my body back."

I want it back.

I want my feeling good body back, the one I wake up in everyday, knowing and expecting that it would show up for me, be there for me, and work for me.

That I could expect to look AND feel good. Normal. My former normal was FULL of energy. Confident. Lean. I had major endurance to work out and do all kinds of things all day.

My normal state is busy body. Can't sit still, on the move, and my body kept up with me and did more than I needed it to.

I was totally miserable not feeling good, and still today I have a VERY HIGH STANDARD for how I get to feel, how things get to go for me and my health, for this body.

I refuse to feel bad, I refuse to stay stuck in a body struggle.

Because it's my choice.


I have had the doctors tell me things, that my body was not working, and unfortunately I went along with it, even though the truth was always there inside of me.


That burning fire you feel when someone gives you a diagnosis, or tells you there is NO CURE for something, LIKE IBS. I call bull shit.

It's just not true.

There is a cure.

There are cures.

Your body is so strong and resilient.


No matter who tells them to you.

Doctors have a place in our health care, but not when it comes to food.

They don't know food.

They don't know nutrition, and they don't know YOU.

Do you believe that food affects you?

Do you know that it matters?

Do you know how powerful it is?

Yes there are other factors, but this one - we ALL MUST know for ourselves.

Because we are now required to be smarter than what just doing what everyone else does.

That is not going to cut it

You are going to have to go against the grain.

You are going to have to on your own path.

The one where YOU ARE THE EXPERT of your body and life.

Even my clients who join my programs or coaching, I am there to show you that you know. That you get to run this show.

I am not here to just you just eat this, eat that and then it will all work.

I show you how food impacts you. I help you know how it's affecting you but you HAVE TO BE the expert.

No one else knows what you feel, what you think and what your gut says.

My gut ALWAYS knew that I was not a lost cause.

That I could indeed have what I wanted, which was to be healthy and get pregnant naturally.

Your gut knows too, and when you have gut issues, and chronic inflammation going on, there is CONFUSION going on in the body.

It's like your body doesn't know which way to go, what to do, because it's getting mixed messages.

It has mixed messages when you eat one way then another just winging it and not REALLY knowing if what you're doing is what you need to be doing.

It has mixed messages when you 'hope' you're on the right path, and when you listen to the voices in your head that say things like:

  • what if this doesnt' work?

  • What if i can't get rid of this bloating?

  • What if i'm always like this?

  • what if i can't get my body back?


You have to stop believing things like this.

You have a powerful body.

Just like mine healed so can yours.

I know how to eat today.

For a healthy gut, for life.

To support my body in anything, to let it be well and have all it needs to stay that way.

Learning about food, and digestion and energy freed my mind to be MORE CONFIDENT.

It breeds KNOWING that you can have what you want.

You don't have to hang out in wonder or confusion, you just get to have results.

So what do you say?

Are you ready to Trust YOUR OWN Gut more than anyone or anything else?

Let's clear this up, clear space, let food be part of your healing and FEEL BETTER.

2 days left until Trust Your Gut begins, I'm here to show you how food is so ready to work for you, and is already working for you right now!!!