Rainbow Kale Salad with Pea Dressing!

Rainbow Kale Salad with Pea Dressing:

I made this up for lunch today!


* Curly Kale
* Rainbow shredded carrots
* Black sesame seeds
* Pea dressing

kale rainbow salad 3.JPG


* 2 cups organic peas
* 3 spoonfuls organic tahini paste
* Himalayan sea salt
* Big handful cilantro
* 4 scallions
* a little water to blend

Blend it up!

For the salad:
1. Wash/rinse kale and remove from stems
2. Heat a deep saute pan with avocado oil on medium heat
3. Once warm, add kale, season with salt, and let cook a few minutes, remove, add carrots, and a little water to soften them down
4. Place kale in bowl, top with carrots, pour dressing on and top with sesame seeds!

sweet pea tahini dip 2.JPG

You can also make this pea dressing into a dip by slightly changing the ratios. Add more peas, either thawed out or frozen, and less water. You could also thicken it a little more by adding 2-3 TBSP of chia seeds.

And then you can use it as a veggie dip or a spread even for wraps/sandwiches or again keep it as a dressing!

Jodi :)

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