What's on your food?

If you are curious about what's on our food and whether organic produce really matters,check this out. You can enter in the name of a food on PAN and this site will pull up all of the chemicals found and list what type of toxin they are. The research is done by the USDA Pesticide Program.


Here's a little more about them:

Pesticide Action Network At Pesticide Action Network (PAN) we know one thing: Pesticides are the linchpin of industrialized agriculture.

Their mass introduction into farming 70 years ago, along with petrochemically-derived fertilizers, set U.S. farming down a costly and unsustainable path. Along the way, community-scale farming was nearly destroyed, generations have suffered ill health ranging from cancer to autism and Parkinson’s, biodiversity has taken big hits, and the six mega-corporations who dominate the pesticide industry have gotten very rich and very powerful.

PAN promotes the elimination of highly hazardous pesticides and offers solutions that protect people and the environmentPAN works to loosen the pesticide industry’s control over global agriculture by holding accountable governmental bodies that are charged with regulating pesticides. We’ve been in this struggle for more than 27 years, across six continents–and we have never been more confident than we are today that real, global food system reform is possible.


Here's a sample. I looked up apples, one of the dirtiest of the dirty dozen. I clicked on "Conventional vs. Organic" and it brought up this chart. Look at this crazy high percentage - 86.8% of domestic, conventional apples have just this one chemical. There were 47 chemicals found on apples. This is not right. 

Here's what happens if you have too much, note the methods of exposure - inhalation. I'm pretty sure you are going to touch this apple, breathe in near this apple and ultimately ingest this apple. 


I show you this not to make you crazy or worried, but to make you aware that we need to take action against chemicals like these being used on our food AND to know that we need to take concerted effort to cleanse these and many other chemicals from our bodies.