Get Excited For Those Cravings!

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What IS a craving anyway?

I had a great conversation about this on a recent interview I did, about how cravings really depend on the mood or feeling place you are in when they arrive.

You can get cravings for healthy food but a sugar craving is likely the most common. While a craving for real food is HUNGER (hopefully), but those cravings for not so healthy foods like cake and chips and ice cream are literally you having trained your cells to want what you don't want to eat.

Your cells get used to you and how you live and operate, so that's why it feels hard to make changes sometimes. Your physical body literally wants you to keep eating the same because it's EASIER and it doesn't have to spend time thinking about it. You're just doing it all programmed, like all of life unless we PAY attention to what we are doing, thinking and feeling.

Your EMOTIONS drive you to the foods. So if you’re in a balanced mood feeling well, and aware of your hunger, you are way more likely to make a choice to eat something with veggies in it. But it’s those low vibrating emotions of stress, overwhelm, worry, feeling confused, lost and not so loved that drive us to the SUGAR.

Cravings are LEGIT.

When you crave sugar, it’s LEGIT.

Your body and brain literally need glucose. It’s just you need a translator! Your brain is saying, hey, I’m burning through glucose really fast in here because you are stressing and worrying and I need some GRAPES or PEARS or BANANAS! But your conditioned mind hears:


Or your thing, whatever it is!

So this is about really learning how to hear your own body, to know it’s tendencies, and to understand how food is playing a really important role for you.

You need to get ready for battle too when you decide to cut the crap foods out. I have been in that position of saying I wont’ eat the whole bag of pretzels and then for damn sure eating it again and again, but I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have my tools or knowledge.

When you stop eating the fake sugar, you MUST eat the real sugar the real glucose from your most powerful foods, that would be: FRUITS AND VEGGIES.

Every time you get a craving after you have stopped giving in to them, you need to understand this:

  1. You DO need the good glucose so lean on your fruity friends to fill in that gap

  2. You ALSO need your food friends to help you bust through the old emotions.

The OLD emotions got suppressed when you ate those chips and cookies and cupcakes, so you never had the chance to fully process and LET THEM GO, and that’s another reason they KEEP COMING BACK. Because those low vibrational emotions are stuck in your cells, in your body, and when your body is vibing there, you are led to the matching vibrational foods. Do you get it?

It’s a cycle, but you can break it. IF and WHEN you get on board with matching up new healthy foods and understanding their innate powers not only to give you healthy glucose, but to help you emotionally as you move through an old craving and you DON’T GIVE IN.

You can’t give in, to fully release it. And you don’t have to be perfect, but this is about getting your health and power back. It’s yours, don’t let a donut take that away.

You can learn to trust your cravings when you understand what your body ultimately is looking for (all the time) hint: it's mostly plants. And you'll get to a place where you DO ACTUALLY want to be eating things that are healthy, because it IS actually the most very close match to what your body is asking for.

There's no rules that say you can't enjoy desserts or things that are sweet either. My best tip is to know and start to look for a find all of the things you *think* you want in healthier ways.

* Siete chips vs. Tortilla chips
* MALK or New Barn almond milk vs. cow milk #no
* Nadamoo ice cream v. regular
* Cauliflower star crackers v. Cheese Its

See? You can really find and have it all. AND feel good. What's your most intense CRAVING? Are you ready to bust through them for good?

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