Glyphosate in your kids oatmeal & Cheerios? Is this making you mad yet?

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Yesterday it was all over the news that higher than allowed levels of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weed killer ROUNDUP were found in Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Cheerios, Quaker Dinosaur Egg Instant Oats, Great Value Instant Oats, and Back to Nature Classic Granola.


The EPA tested 45 samples and found glyphosate in all but TWO. So here are again with a debate about food. Monsanto claiming that glyphosate doesn't cause cancer, even though they were ordered to pay a man $289 million dollars last week in damages as he claimed their weed killer caused his cancer.


Sometimes I can't even believe that this is allowed. LIke how is this ok? Is this some kind of joke? It's an ingredient in a weed killer. Like don't put that in my food. And don't put that weed killer around me either.


We live in a world of toxic exposures and this stuff is going to show up in the news more and more, and it's only a few of the stories that get out, there are thousands of cases of people being affected by chemicals in, on and around fake foods every day. It's affecting you. Do you eat Cheerios or oatmeal? I sure did growing up. Everybody at church had little bags of cheerios for their kids, in plastic bags, another story....


You don't really get what is happening to you in your body and around you because you can't see it. But if you even dig a little bit you'll find information you don't want to see or hear. I was CLUELESS you guys about all of this, until my health, my fertility and my good feeling body were ripped away from me.


We have to stop buying this stuff, we have to educate ourselves, we have to shift the way we eat and the way that we look at foods. This is real and it doesn't mean you have to freak out and worry about dying of cancer, please don't, because emotional stress affects your body BIG TIME. BUT you have to change. The biggest thing you can do is to pay attention, listen and learn. And then to use your power to stop buying products that harm your body.


On my Instagram story yesterday I challenged everyone to just commit to buying ONLY whole foods for 7 days. Seven whole days, only things that are real. Because when you do this, you create impact, one by one, and you telling your family and friends, when you stop buying the stuff with the chemicals the food companies will have to change. Products are driven by demand.




And instead of putting your money there, put it into only things that fuel you, only things that work. The need to know how to eat is bigger than ever before. This isn't about low carb or losing weight or how many grams of this or that. This is about your health, your body, your longevity and protecting yourself. 


I pray that you know how to stay away from all the foods that will hurt us inside, and that you can figure out how to make meals, dinners and snacks for yourself and your kids that are pure. It DOES ADD UP. These products are mostly given to kids for breakfast, and they aren't doing anything for them. That's not what the body needs. The body needs real, activated nutrition. We have gotten so far away from original eating that it's insane.


I'm more passionate than ever to show you how to feed yourself, to show you how to protect yourself, to avoid the ingredients that are damaging, to find the pure foods, to make it easy for you. Don't get overwhelmed, just get pissed out and then do something about it. Decide that you will make the changes for good, so that your body can keep working for you and doing it's job of taking care of you. We have to keep the balance tipped in the favor of the body working well, not being inhibited breakfast by breakfast or sugary snack by sugary snack.


My Fueled & Focused group is starting this month and it is how to eat a plant based diet, easily, practically and deliciously :) There is a vast amount of ways you can make this work in your life. It IS NECESSARY to learn this. What your body actually wants from you, what it must have from you, and to give you the confidence that you are on top of this, you are doing this thing called taking care of yourself. Your body WILL RESPOND to real foods, and you won't ever want to go back.


Check out the course here, if you join by Sunday I'll add in a bonus personalized audio message for you to help you get started right away. Just tell me what your biggest struggles are and I'll help you navigate it. You can come and join the private group, and get started on the prep work to get organized.


And for now, stop eating cheerios.