Plant Based Meal Delivery or DIY? What you need to know!

I LOVE that there are more and more organic, plant based meal delivery services out there reaching all of us, even here in the midwest :) 


However - when I look at them, there are still things that are a little off with some of the ingredients and meals and how they affect you in your bodies. In this video I go through the ins and outs of what a plant based meal delivery gives you and what 3 things are missing BEFORE you go ahead and order these up.


You might be surprised about what you get and what you still have to do, so watch this video to see if it's something that fits your needs or what I talk about that is even better!

And if you want to learn ALL of these secrets that I talk about in the video so that you can be your own best meal service and know what foods and food combos are right for YOU, then check out Fueled & Focused, my online plant based coaching and cooking course to teach you everything you need to know about food!