The Frequency Of Foods


That apple you eat every day is WAY more than just a good idea for a snack on the go. Here's a really simple and powerful way to look at and understand foods so that you get that there is way more going on than eat healthy to feel good, these are powerful foods, miracle foods.

When you approach your health you need to look at three areas: Mind, Body & Spirit or Soul. You are not a one dimensional being so people who really 'get' what health is, and are able to implement it, and "be" it are learning it from more than just diet, you have to look at what your mind believes and also your spiritual purpose and motivation.

So it makes complete sense that the 'tool' for us as these multidimensional beings would MATCH US on all levels. That would be our foods. So automatically, you should know how to eat. Do you think that cheese curds or fried chicken or nachos have high level metaphysical properties? 

NO. They do not.

Your body will only function at it's highest and most vital capacity when you are able to maximize your benefit from the way that you eat, think, and be. Foods have these levels as well:

  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual lessons/healing

Most of us think that foods just play into our physical health. I want to lose weight so I will eat a different way. Or I have stomach issues so I won't eat dairy. That's the physical level of health, AND it's just so deeply true and real that I want you to know that your food choices are every single day going into your body, your cells and either helping you or slowing you down.

Next is emotional healing. Real, whole foods are alive and have emotional properties that are TRANSFERRED to you in your body and being and mind when you eat them. You might think that you eat healthier and you feel better. Here's why this happens.

You have achieved real physical results from your better choices, and the longer and more consistent you get with doing this, the better you will feel, but it doesn't start and stop with I have a healthier gut/liver because I eat this way. You have been given extra bonus health and healing everytime you consume foods that are alive. Those emotional properties assist you and your mind in the perception that you feel better now. So the physical has now been amplified by the emotions. 

And when you understand how to clear away the inflammation in the physical, you will know what you need via your intuition more clearing because the foods will call you vibrationally. Here's an example. Last week I was in a mood, not a good one, and so I did my meditation and during it I got the download to go to Whole Foods and buy papaya. Ok, so I start to process this because I know papayas are highly anti-viral/bacterial/fungal, great for the skin, great for moving things along digestively, and wanted to make the connection. I went anyway and got my papaya and ate half of it as soon as I cut it open. The emotional support from papayas is that it can quickly life you or a loved one our grouchiness, or being crabby, it helps to PURGE stored up resentment and frustration.

That made sense to me, and so did the skin element. And so these foods will come in and match what you need on all these levels, and what I have found with clients is that the emotion will usually resonate very much with how the foods also work physically in the body.

I made a short video to show you how this works yesterday so I hope you will watch and let it sink in and help you to make healthy food choices and to know that symptoms in the body are energy that needs to be shifted, and foods are a POWERHOUSE tool sitting right in your fridge. Enjoy this video and please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!