How I grocery shop online LIVE!

Today is a PERFECT example of how I need and love online grocery shopping. LOVE IT.

It was raining. Dalton was napping. I was NOT about to drag him out in the rain at any point AND try to fill up a cart with groceries and all of that nonsense. I have been using INSTACART since they debuted here locally - honestly I was stalking the page weekly to see if it was here.


And I have the yearly membership which means: FREE DELIVERY. Yay! I did a blog post comparing in store and online pricing for Costco, you can check that out too! 


Today thought I'll just make a You Tube video and screen share as I do my live grocery shopping and narrate it like Sports Center for you. What I buy where, who has the best pricing on what, what things I ALWAYS have and why. 

I even price compare something most people buy a lot of: spinach and frozen berries and you'll be astounded at the price differences!

Check it out, I hope it's helpful for you at least entertaining, and if you want to sign up for Instacart, sign up via my link and save $10 on your first order! #freefood at your doorstep.

Click on the video to watch!