How to know your CUSTOM DIET now

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When I grew up I was really interested in food and nutrition from an early age, even though I didn't nearly eat the way I do now. But mostly I wanted to know how to find MY unique diet and workout plan. I thought having and being a personal trainer was fascinating, that you just got to have someone tell you EXACTLY what you need to do/eat/be doing to get your best body.

And then years later I became a personal trainer, and I loved it. I could watch my clients and read their body's energy to see how many more reps they needed to do, that's why I never counted! And it was the same in my Pilates classes, I didn't plan my workouts, I just moved with the way the clients responded making sure to cover all planes of movement so it was a total workout.


YOU have a unique custom diet that is ONLY FOR YOU. I think we all forget this. We all continue to look for a plan, a jumpstart, a program, a specific ingredient that will get us what we want. But sorry you can't actually find that anywhere on the internet or in any book. 


The only way you can completely and totally get it and you get to get this information day to day meal to meal, snack to snack, is to TRUST yourself for those answers. You don't need a personal food trainer to give you a diet. You do need to cover all the "planes of movement" for food though.



Cover all of these areas and then it's you and your gut/intuition/knowing. I still struggle with this, it's scary to stand and say ok, I have NO PLAN, I am not in CONTROL, I am here listening, waiting responding to my own body and not my mind when my mind is full of controlling thoughts.

Following a plan is not bad or wrong, in fact it's totally helpful when you are starting out, and you don't know how to cook, or eat plant based, or what to do with kale or beets. But do you KNOW that you have the answers to what you need? And get ready because it will be dynamic and change all the time. (within the planes/pillars of health).

Last week I was eating nearly all vegan, nearly all fruits and veggies. 

This week, I am eating salmon, chicken, and crab (I mean did you see my newest recipe with the crap and black grapes? OMG YUM)

If I had made a rule that I was wrong/bad/off track/not doing it right because I didn't get x amount of protein or this week I'm bad because I'm not eating all vegan, or I'm bad because I had vegan ice cream then I would literally drive myself crazy. And I've done that a lot in my life. I bet you have to. 

It's hard to say clearly and confidently I don't care what the latest trends are, I don't care what my husband is eating, I don't care what my friends think is a good idea or the Today Show. I KNOW> MY BODY KNOWS. IT ALWAYS KNOWS.


But it does, as long as you are eating real, healthy foods, not putting chemicals in your body, you learn, you are conscious of food, you are aware and you don't get toooooooo analytical about this is right, this is wrong, this is better or worse to do or not to do, then it's cool. You can't mess it up. 

THAT is freedom with food. Sure, you might be inspired to do a cleanse, a program, a certain way of eating, but THAT has to come from a place of inspiration not motivation, not I'm making myself do this to get x result. It's a naturally given intuitive hit. You want to do it, something keeps showing up for you to learn from. Like me, hi, I can help you with this!

So it's ironic right, that I'm a health coach/food coach/person who knows how to eat lol, and my real job is to show you how to know yourself. Here's what really helps you get here:

>>Clearing away the inflammation in your body now:

When you have a body that is inflamed, struggling and not flowing with ease, your messages are not clear. You just feel your symptoms, your weight, your bloating. So THAT gets to drop off first.

>>Clearing away the confusion:

The way to clear this inflammation is simple, you don't eat certain things and you eat lots of others. This is how I teach food. Avoid ALL the issue foods. The contaminated things, the ones that create the problems WHILE you fill your body with the healing foods. 

>>Confidence in how this works:

When you learn the truth no one can mess with you. Not a doctor, scientist, your mother.

>>How to do it:

Where do I get cauliflower rice, where do I get those lettuce wraps, how do I make a lunch out of this? How do I make it taste good? How can I make lunch in 10 minutes? How do I eat healthy while I travel?


These are IMPORTANT things to know, and I teach this. I show you how to do your life healthy. Then you know, it becomes familiar and you're on your way to eating intuitively.


It's a process right. But it's not a diet, it's not a 7 day food plan. It's your life and your ever evolving body. SO

Do you need support with this? Being done with the food struggles? Learning how to get your body to lean into health easily? It wants this you know. No matter how long you have been food confused, or hated thinking about it, it always feeling like a battle or a struggle or a I want this but I shouldn't have it. YOU CAN BE FREE.

Of all the things people hire coaches for THIS is so important. It's teaching you how to live in your one and only body in the healthiest way. It's practical and spiritual. Message me to see if you are a fit for my 3 month private coaching package, to get you out your own way, to get the results, to bust up the rules, to recreate your body and health. 

It's so fun to see food this way, as only nourishing, nutrition, loving to you and for you. Where you can't do it wrong, you get to create your own healthy way.