How to make a Rainbow Veggie Platter with Vegan Cucumber Dill Dip!

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Rainbow Veggie Platter with Cucumber Dill Dip

The platter is easy! And this is a great NYE/Day app to bring to parties or if you are hosting too 🤩🥳😎

Use either a large bowl or platter and slice up with length being the focus the most colorful veggies you can find. Here are my favorites:

🥒Cucumbers (English)

🥬Romaine Lettuce Leaves

🥕RAINBOW carrots, the big ones, not baby size

🥒Rainbow Radishes, especially WATERMELON radishes they are the really pretty ones that are pink and green inside (they are white on the exterior though!)



🥒Yellow/Orange/Red bell peppers

🥒Grape tomatoes or colored mini tomatoes

🥦Broccolini vs regular broccoli, it's softer and easier to eat raw

Pick any you like and any you can find!

Cucumber Dill Dip:

I LOVE this dip, and I'm still playing with my recipe but here's how I've made it so far:


  • 1/2 - 3/4 container Kite Hill Unsweetened Plain almond yogurt (sub coconut if you have a nut allergy)

  • 1/4 english cucumber

  • Fresh organic dill (as much as you want, I used 1/3 of the small plastic containers it comes in)

  • 2 dates TIP: soak the dates in water to soften before adding to blender, they won't mix as well as a sweetener unless softened)

  • 3 tsp/1 TBSP capers

  • Large squeeze spicy/dijon mustard

  • Salt (himalayan)

  • About 2 drops lemon essential oil (You could also add fresh lemon juice/zest)

1. Soak the dates
2. Put everything in Vitamix/blender and blend, add a little water as needed to mix
3. Leave as is, or top with more fresh dill, sesame seeds

Try it out and let me know how you like it!

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