Sugar Free Calming Reishi Hot Cacao....AKA healthy hot chocolate!

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My post lunch or dinner snack that totally kicks your sugar cravings! Plus, has reishi to help you calm down, center yourself and is an amazing adaptogen to consume before bed.


I used to make a ‘healthy’ sugar free hot chocolate the completely wrong way, which was low calorie using fake sugars. So I’d buy sugar free hot chocolate mixes and add MORE splenda…ewww my poor cells! And I’d use regular milk so let’s just say I’m a smarter cookie today.

This version is STILL SUGAR FREE but made of all organic and real ingredients and herbs. Completely healthy and natural all good, no bad. That’s how I like to create my recipes now, so that all the food ingredients are promoting a higher vibration in you and zero draw backs. That’s how we are meant to eat.

reishi cacao malk.JPG

Try making a healthy hot cacao drink for you or your kids, it’s really delicious and won’t create the bad kind of sparks in your brain!

The MALK ingredient list:

  • Filtered Water

  • Organic Sprouted Almonds

  • Himalayan Salt

AMAZING right?!?

Remember the purer the ingredient list the EASIER it is for your body to do all the things it naturally knows how to do. Choose wisely!

And for my friends who are NOT having happy digestion issues right now, I have reopened the Pure Path, which teaches you all about using foods and the energy of foods and your body to help your digestive system reset itself. Basically it needs less work and more ease so that it can catch up from its blocked or backed up state.

All the details about that course here >>>>


Jodi :)

PS: If you have little ones, please email me back and tell me how old your kiddos are and what your biggest challenges are with having them eat healthy! I really would love to know!