It's not just the RESULT it's the progress

Just a few days ago I stumbled back upon an exercise platform AND a food protocol that were both familiar but new and different. This post is really about being READY for what you want to come, and letting the UNIVERSE send in the troops or the ‘thing’, your TOOL to help get you to where you want to be.

Sometimes, it’s an idea that flows into your consciousness, after all, every thought is a vibration and a manifestation. So if you are wanting and desiring a change in your body and health, what happens is you move towards a higher vibration until you are THERE long enough and often enough sustain it, which is when it just canNOT NOT come because you are a pure resistance free match for it.

The rate you move is up to you, it’s about how much resistance you have toward getting what you want. Yes we block our damn selves. Mostly because in our bodies, it’s like SO OBVIOUS that it may not be the way we want at right this instant and so that makes us feel bad, which is the lack of the thing we want. And that is NOT a match for getting what you want. But as you slowly soften your thoughts and keep yourself focused on having the body and being the desire then your vibration will rise (slowly or faster - up to you) so you are not alone here. The universe is always talking to you - sending you messages to help you get what you want, you just have to remember that, that you get to have it.

The more we chill out the easier it is for us to hear the messages and find resonance with the way to our desire. So what happened last week was I was on the treadmill at the gym the other day and literally felt like it was so pointless. Nothing was moving, nothing was changing, I have been wanting to tone up more for awhile now and my routine wasn’t doing it. And yes I would still workout anyway because I love it and it makes me feel good but I also want RESULTS. So I get to have that and so do you. The biggest change I would say that led me to open up to this change and new information and SEEING a difference in my body in literally 4 days was changing my attitude and emotions about it.

Every time I would see myself in the mirror or be wearing shorts (i’m working on my legs) when I felt BAD about it and frustrated I had to jump on that and basically jerk myself back into reality that this MIGHT be my current reality but it’s OLD and if I don’t take the energy back from that, then the pattern will just keep running and running and no change. No results.

This is why you cannot over-work or overtrain a non-cooperative mind. Your subconscious is running the show so you better get that baby on the same page as your dream body and healthy gut. The WORK is more about catching the thoughts that say:

  • It’s not working

  • I need to restrict more

  • I need to eat less

  • I better do another workout

  • I must be doing something wrong…..


You are letting yourself believe that sht. And you CANNOT and WILL NOT get the outcome you want when you think those thoughts. Those thoughts are an energy and vibration and they do not MATCH the results vibration. Make sense?

So in order to get there, your work is to not believe your old lies. It’s to take your power back and have FAITH that you are doing it, getting it and will keep going.

And then, you are now receptive to something new to help you. My new information was to sign up for a free trial of this online workout which I immediately fell in love with. It’s very similar to my old love Pilates, but rooted in physical therapy (as pilates is too but more dance) and all about ANGLES and toning and they recommend:



I guess that means I have to be wiling to trust, and break up with the old beliefs, which is exactly what it is, that you HAVE to do cardio for a long time to ‘get a good workout.’ I actually didn’t WANT to do cardio after doing this because it felt like I would somehow UNDO my training because we are firing the tiniest of muscles. And it’s so slow and controlled, which is SO necessary. I will NEVER do a HIIT class, or lift heavy weights or do squats or a burpee. NO WAY.

And here I am 4 days later seeing definition in my body I hadn’t seen in a long time. So the point of all of this?

What you want is to have more and more confidence that you are on track, that you train your mind to KNOW that you will have that goal/desire. And you MUST be happy on the way, in order to get the rest of the way there.

It’s about enjoying the progress. Not making yourself bad for not being there.

Get out of your own way. TRUST. Have FAITH. that you get to have what you want, open your eyes, soften your energy and be ready to receive the next step.

Jodi :)

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Like i said above, you have to line up your energy with what you want to get the results long term. Food is a huge part of the process, and then it’s knowing how you individually come to the table and find your path, your next best step.

I’d love to have you join this group if you are ready to shift your energy and your body and learn how to eat. yes. learn how to eat. It’s not hard.