OMG being a mom is HARD

healthy baby.png

Ok, so I didn't really know what people were talking about when they said things to me like, "just wait until he walks, or crawls," or essentially hits some new milestone that new parents have no clue about. 


I used to think it was so mean that people said that to me, like "you don't know me, my child is NOT going to do those things and he will sit quietly in white clothes on my white couch reading books and not get into trouble." LOLOLOLOL.


The past two weeks I have been basically chasing Dalton around the house and lifting him off our kitchen table, high kitchen counter, counter stools, couch, taking away things like a garlic press that he pinched his fingers in, trying to stop him from stopping the laundry by hitting all the buttons, playing with matches, a lighter and mine and Heath's glasses. AND I'm tired.


I have seriously had some hard days. It's really hard when your husband's job has long hours and I have had to get very serious about how I feel about that. Because I have SUCH a desire to do my own work that there are a lot of ways that women just get things added onto their plates because I guess, it's expected.


Why do I have to be the default responsible one? Why can't i do whatever I want all the time? Why can't I go hide in a room and read a book? All of my buttons are getting pushed and it's because I am requiring new rules. New boundaries. A new 'normal.' 


I'm more than happy to do my part, but there is a ton of emotion here about how you can have it all when you are the mom. I see it with my clients all the time, and with my friends and family too, way too often we are RUN DOWN and TIRED and frustrated. It's not the same at all to go from taking care of yourself to taking care of one or two or three or omg four babies. I don't know how it's even possible. At least for someone like ME. Like I've been talking about lately with my human design reading, and even before that. I have always known that I need to be a bigger influencer in the food industry and to pave a new way of looking at health and food and now also, being a mom.


If you have looked at me and think I have it all. I am very blessed, I have a lot. And I do not have it all together by a long shot. Most days I'm still wanting to cry or scream or hide in the bathroom ( thank God for sliding doors) and I'm still figuring this out, how to have my career and be a wife and a mother and not go insane. 


It takes so much energy that if you don't have inherently within your body, it can and will drain you fast. That's why so many women have adrenal issues, it starts pre-pregnancy and will go even further after when all of this being a new mom or a mom to more than one stuff hits you, hits us. I am so so so grateful that I DO KNOW how my body works, runs and functions. I do know how to eat for my health, my stamina and energy. I can chase Dalton around the park, and take him on walks, and chase him around the house. I can't imagine how hard that would be if you didn't even have the physical energy for THAT.


So you have to make the changes to your nutrition, diet and health so you can start somewhere. You cannot let your physical body and health be drained. And that's what is happening with so many women. But please listen, it's MORE than just that, you have to address the daily stress, because THAT is your POWER. That is where your energy is leaking (not just maybe in your gut), the source of confusion, frustration and not fair-ness has to be rebalanced in a way that works for YOU, your FAMILY, your SPOUSE and your BUSINESS. But yes your HEALTH. You have got to know how to take care of your body. 


I'm so passionate about this now being a mom, learning more everyday about what's required to have a solid foundation of health for me, and for Dalton. It is NON-NEGOTIABLE. I will have my time for meditating. I will have my time to workout. I will eat the best plant based, whole foods and organic diet I can access because I literally HAVE TO. This isn't a it would be nice sort of thing anymore. It's your body, and you have to be high functioning to be this mom, to be a wife, to be an entrepreneur and to be YOU. All of you.


Please send me an email or fill out my private coaching form if you feel called to work with me on solidifying your health, your body, your energy, your mindset and your lifestyle, choices and priorities. I know that you are a powerful woman with big dreams, and you want to have it all, and it's your right to have it all, but you have to start with what you have and just know that it will be required for you to take care of your body right away.